Guide: How to Register, Sell, Advertise, Download App & Make Money

Tonaton is one of the most popular and hottest eCommerce websites in Ghana right now. This platform has made buying and selling easy for us all.

You will agree with me that before Tonaton, selling your product is was of the most difficult things to do, you will have to walk around the streets, tell your friends for them to also advertise for you and if you are lucky enough you might get someone who is interested.

One awkward thing about this is the buyer will come with any price he or she wants (if you are fond of selling your used things you would understand what I am trying to narrate).

Same applies to when you want to buy something, there was no way to get what you want unless you visit the central market near you to get it, even without knowing the price.

Thanks to Tonaton, now you can sit at the comfort at your home, visit their website and then search for anything you want to buy, you will see the pictures of what you want to buy, price, brand new or slightly used and you can get to call the seller and make negotiations if he or she can bring it to you or you will both meet at a certain place.

On their platform, you can sell and buy things like electronics, clothing, pets and animals search for jobs in Ghana, vehicles and many more.

In this article I am going to take you through how to sell on Tonaton, buy, download their app and at the same time make money

How To Register On Tonaton

  1. Visit 
  2. Click on Sign In
  3. If you are a new user like then under the sign in tab, you will see Sign Up, you will then be given an option to sign up using Facebook or your Gmail account.
  4. Proceed by typing in your name, email address and then confirm your password.

How To Sell And Make Money On Tonaton

After successful signup, on your home page, you will see Post Your AD on the top right, click on it.

Tonaton have two options on the AD posting tab,

  • Sell Something: in this category, you will choose when you want to sell an item or service, offer a job for rent or post a job vacancy
  • Look for something: you will choose this option when you are looking for a property to rent or looking for something to buy. Now choose the one you want to do.

Select the category of the product you want to buy and its subcategory (Eg: if you selected that you are selling a product and choose Vehicles, you will choose a subcategory which can be cars or motorcycles).

Now select your City and the town you reside in.

Fill up the details of the product you are selling and add 5 pictures of that product, the price and your details including your number and when you are done hit on Post AD.

How To Advertise On Tonaton

Maybe you need money urgently and you posted an AD but you want it to reach many audiences so that somebody can buy it early for you, Tonaton has an option for you to advertise to that it will reach many audiences fast for you.

To promote your AD, after posting your AD, click on the ‘Promote AD’ Button and then make the necessary payment, now wait and see people calling you in their numbers to make a negotiation.

How To Download The Tonaton App

Do you know Tonaton has a mobile app on both Google Play Store and Apple Store?

  1. To download their mobile app simply head over to your app store (depending on the phone you are using).
  2. Search for Tonaton.
  3. Now install it, you can log in on the app and start selling and buying using the app. 


Now selling and buying has been easy thanks to Tonaton, in this article we went through Tonaton, how to sell, buy, advertise and make money.

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