Top 10 Apps To Keep You Focused And Productive

Whether you are a business owner or an employee in a corporate organization, it is important that you get more done and maximize the time you have to complete your tasks.

Thanks to technology, there are several apps that can help you become more focused and productive. We will be discussing 10 of them in this article.


This is a great app for people who get a lot of meetings and appointments. With Calendar, you can allow people to book a meeting with you. It saves you the stress of rescheduling meetings when you have too many on the same day.

People can only book you on the days you are available as shown on Calendar. It comes with both freemium and premium packages. Visit to get started.

HubSpot CRM

This is one of the best CRM (Customer relationship management) products for small businesses. This tool takes care of little details for you, details such as recording calls, managing your data and managing emails.

If you are a small business owner, you should jump on this tool. The best part is that it is completely free to use.

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If you lead a team and you want to make communication more efficient, then you need to use slack. Emails are less efficient when it comes to conversing.

Slack allows you to create channels for different departments, groups or projects. Other amazing features are document sharing and video chats. The application has both freemium and premium packages.


This is a tool that makes visual communication easy. It can save you and your team up to 56 hours a week!

You are able to communicate effectively with partners, colleagues or clients with its webcam recording, screenshot, and GIF creation features. You can use the app for free or upgrade to a premium plan for $9 per month.

Google Drive

Google Drive is cloud storage that allows you to work on documents simultaneously with your team members. This feature helps in effective collaboration.

You can also download or upload documents or pictures to the drive for safekeeping.  Available on Android and IOS


A simple time tracker that tells you how much time you spend completing a task. Freelancers will find this very useful to determine how they should bill their clients. There is a detailed report for you at the end of every task.

This helps you to adjust how you work to improve your productivity. Depending on the features, you can use Toggl for free or pay $9 a month

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Adobe Acrobat Reader

This is an app that saves you the stress of having to print out a document before you sign. You can sign your PDF documents on Adobe Acrobat Reader.

It also lets you open PDF files from emails or the web. It has a feature that allows you to comment on PDF documents with sticky notes. This is definitely one app you want to try out.


TeamViewer allows you to have remote access to a computer without being physically present. You can hold meetings (audio and video).

It allows collaboration of up to 300 people and meetings can be recorded for reference.


This is a productivity app that allows you to upload and keep notes, pictures, audio, and video snippets.

They are organized into a cloud notebook that you can synchronize with different devices. Users are allowed to upload up to 60MB worth of content for free or upgrade to a higher plan for more options.

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A project management tool for every project manager. It helps the team visualize what project and task each person is working on.

It allows the use of colour-code to reference tasks. Available on both mobile and desktop. It is free for up to 5 users.


Staying productive means getting rid of distractions which can be very difficult especially with social media.

We hope you find these applications useful to keep you focused and productive.

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