Top 10 Best And Working Torrent Sites For PC and Mobile You Can Download From

Downloading large files online becomes very difficult especially when you can’t find such files on normal blogs or websites to download.

The next remedy many people fall on is torrent sites. As much as torrent sites serve the purpose of providing pirated files for free, not all of them are secure and most of them do not actually work in reality.

Whether you are a movie lover hoping to have access to latest blockbuster movies or you are a game addict hoping to grab those latest game setups to update your list, you definitely need torrent sites to download from.

Not just any torrent site but for sites that are actually working and provide just the right files that you need.

In this article, we shall look at 10 of the best torrent sites from which you can download your favourite games and movies on your PC or Mobile device.

  1. 1337X
  2. Torlock
  3. Torrentz2
  4. The Pirate Bay
  5. Lime torrents
  6. Torrent Downloads
  7. zooqle
  8. Skytorrents
  9. Rarbg
  10. Torrentfunk


1337X is one of the world’s biggest torrent sites presently. With millions of files available for download, 1337X provides a beautiful yet easy-to-use interface for users to search and pick their favourite titles from a list of games, software and movies available.

With an average download speed of 4.2 Mb/s, this is surely one torrent site you should be considering for your next movie and software downloads.


Torlock is the second torrent site on our list. It is one of the most legitimate torrent sites in the world. It serves more than 98% accurate torrent files. This site tries as much as possible to reduce fake torrents so as to improve its traffic and relevance in its niche. So far, they have done a good job to earn themselves the second spot on our list.

It has an average download speed of 4.4 Mb/s.


Torrentz2 is like the search engine of all torrent sites on the web. This site has data from all other torrent sites and so that makes it the torrent site with the largest number of files available for download.

It majors mostly in music videos and movies.

The average download speed for this site is 2.0 Mb/s.

The Pirate Bay

This is arguably one of the fastest torrent sites available on the internet today with a magnificent average download speed of 6.2 Mb/s. The Pirate bay has over 14 million files available for downloading other various categories such as music, videos, movies, software and games.

However, it has the tendency of going offline from time to time.

Lime Torrents

If you are one of those people who want to download files but do not know the exact file to download, then Lime torrent is the right answer you need. It offers a list of top 50 downloads in each category. This serves as an easy-access platform for those who may be seeking for popular movies, music, videos and games.

It has a monthly viewership of about 17.1 Million.

Torrent Downloads

This is your go-to place for any movies, music videos, games and software that seem hard to get. It has all the greatest movies, games, and software of all time for all platforms and screen sizes.

Torrentdownloads is estimated to have around 10,000 monthly visitors. It could be considered as a growing torrent site and so they do not compromise quality.


Zooqle is one of the youngest torrent sites available on the internet now. However, it has a large volume of files from which users can choose. It also has an almost all-knowing search bar which gives you results as fast as you’d like them.

It has a monthly viewership of about 7.7 million.


Talk of simplicity and elegance and skytorrents has it all. It is the fastest and simplest torrent site I’ve known for all my torrent downloads.

It also houses millions of games, videos, movies and software from latest to old but gold ones.

Skytorrents has an estimated monthly visitors of around 300,0000.


This torrent site is gradually gaining momentum to take over as the biggest and best torrent site in the world. With over a million and more files available for download, Rarbg has a simple-to-use interface and a concise list of categories and top downloads for easy access to files.


This is also one of the best torrent sites you can find on the internet if you are seeking to download movies, music videos, movies or music files. It has some of the best and latest files you can ever think of.

It also has a simple layout and has a monthly viewership of over 2.8 million. It is our final site on this list. You should check it out too.


Torrents are necessary for downloading files that are otherwise premium files and require huge payments to access. However, getting the right torrent sites to download from is the best thing you can go for. I hope this post gives you all the right torrent sites you need to get that movie, ebook, music video or software you’ve been searching for.

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