Top 10 Cheapest Android Phones in 2020

Smartphones have become a necessity in this day and age. But there’s no reason to sell your kidney in order to buy an expensive flagship phone when there are affordable Android phones with great specs that can serve the same purpose. I have rounded up the top 10 cheapest Android phones in 2020 and will be sharing them with you in this video so let’s get started.

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Realme X50 5G – $390

Realme is famous for building the cheapest smartphones and the Realme X50 5G deserves great attention in this aspect. The phone has a very good battery life due to its large 4200mAh battery with a storage capacity of up to 128GB and RAM of up to 8GB. Realme X50 5G is powered by the snapdragon 765G hence giving the phone a strong performance even with gaming. It sports a large 6.57-inch screen with a resolution of 1080 by 2400 and an incredible 120hz refresh rate.

 The phone houses a QUAD rear camera system which is made up of a 64MP wide camera, 12MP telephoto with 2x optical zoom, 8MP ultrawide camera, and a 2MP macro camera. It also has 2 selfie cameras made up of a 16mp wide lens and an 8mp ultrawide lens. You can also record 4k video in 30fps with the rear camera. You can all these great specs together with its premium glass back design for just $390. It also runs on Android 10

Samsung Galaxy A71 – $375

Samsung, as we all know, has some really expensive phones but they are also able to give us some affordable phones as well such as the Galaxy A71 with a $375 price range. The phone also has a quad-camera system with a 64 MP wide camera, 12 MP wide-angle camera, 5mp macro, and 5mp depth camera. You’re assured of a long-lasting battery with the phone’s 4500mAh battery. The Galaxy A71 has a 6.7inch Super AMOLED screen with a resolution of 1080 x 2400. The phone runs on a 730 Snapdragon processor with a RAM of up to 8gb and a storage capacity of up to 128gb. Samsung announced the phone in December 2019 and released it in January 2020. The phone comes with USB-C charging and a headphone jack.

Google Pixel 4a – $350 

The cheapest Google Pixel phone released in 2020 is the pixel 4a. The phone has great specs and is a very good budget phone with a $350 price tag. The phone comes with 6gb of RAM and 128gb storage capacity. It sports a cute 5.81 inch OLED screen with a 1080 x 2340 resolution. With a 3140 mAh battery and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G processor, you’re assured of enough battery power and good performance.

The Pixel 4a has a 12.2mp rear camera and an 8mp selfie camera which produces great photos together with Google’s awesome camera software. The phone runs on Android 10 which can be upgraded to Android 11. So if you want an affordable phone from a trusted brand and have a great camera and large storage capacity together with guaranteed software updates, then get the pixel 4a.

TCL 10L – $250

TCL is venturing into the smartphone business with its 10L. The TCL 10L has a large 6.53-inch LCD display with a resolution of 1080 x 2340. This screen technology was developed by TCL to provide real-life colours and support HDR videos. The phone comes with 6GB RAM and a 128gb maximum storage capacity. It has a 4000 mAh non-removable battery and is powered by the Snapdragon 665 processor. The TCL 10L also has a quad rear camera system that consists of a 48MP wide camera, 8MP ultra-wide camera, 2MP macro camera, and 2MP depth camera. With just $250, you can get yourself a TCL 10L.

Moto G Power – $250

Motorola is renowned for inventing good but cheap Android phones and the Moto G Power with a $250 price range is no different. It has a 5000 mAh battery, 6.4-inches Full HD display, 4GB RAM, and a storage capacity of 64gb. The phone is ideal for gaming with improved performance due to the Snapdragon 665 processor.

 Moto G Power has three rear cameras made up of a 16mp wide camera, 8mp ultrawide, and 2mp macro. You also get a 16mp front camera for selfies. It comes in only one color called Smoke Black. The Moto G Power also a fingerprint scanner, 4k video capacity and runs on Android 10

Moto G Fast – $200

You would be amazed to know that Moto G Fast is strangely similar to Moto G Power in many ways. G Fast has all the amazing features of Moto G Power but with a lesser price of $200. The phone has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 processor, 3GB RAM, and Adreno 610 GPU for gaming. It also has 32GB internal storage, and a lasting 4000 mAh battery.

 Same as the Moto G Power, the G Fast has three rear cameras which consist of a 16mp wide camera, 8mp ultrawide, and 2mp macro camera plus an 8mp selfie camera. G Fast comes with a 6.4-inch HD display with a 720 by 1560 resolution which I believe is acceptable considering the price. In all, the phone works well for day-to-day use.

Nokia 5.3 – $200

Nokia 5.3 has high-quality hardware and build plus a thin metallic frame which makes the phone easy to hold. With a Snapdragon 665 processor, 4GB RAM, and 4000 mAh battery, the phone offers good performance for its $200 price tag. It also has four rear cameras consisting of a 13MP wide camera, 5mp ultrawide, 2mp macro, and 2mp depth camera. It has an 8mp front camera for selfies. The Nokia 5.3 has a storage capacity of 64gb and comes in 3 colors namely Cyan, Sand, and charcoal.

Oppo A5 – $180

Oppo A5 is another great budget smartphone with a $180 price tag. Paying $180 for a smartphone with four rear cameras, 64 to 128GB storage capacity and 3GB RAM is a great deal if you asked me. The phone also sports a 6.5-inch screen with a 720 x 1600 resolution.

 It has a large 5000 mAh battery and is powered by the Snapdragon 665 processor for good phone performance. The Oppo A5 also has an 8mp selfie camera, fingerprint sensor and comes in mirror black and dazzling white colours.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 – $155

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 is one of the cheapest phones you can lay your hands on. Note 7 operates on its own MIUI 10 software and also runs on Android 9 with a planned upgrade to Android 10. It has a 48-megapixel rear camera, 13mp selfie camera, and a large 6.3-inch full HD screen with a 1080 x 2340 resolution. The phone is powered by the Snapdragon 660 plus a 4000mah battery. It has a storage capacity of up to128gb with 4gb RAM. The Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 offers a good phone with great specs for just $155

Moto E – $150

The Moto E is very cheap yet has some good specs to boast of. It has a 6.2-inch HD screen with a 720×1520 resolution. It runs on the Snapdragon 632 processor, with 2GB RAM and a storage capacity of 32gb. It runs on a 3550 mAh battery which is enough juice for a phone with its specs. It has a 16mp rear camera and a 5mp front camera for selfies. It also has a fingerprint scanner, runs on Android 10, and costs just $150.


That’s a wrap of the top 10 cheapest android phones in 2020. Do you plan on getting any of the phones listed? Let us know in the comments below. Don’t forget to like this video and subscribe for more videos like this. Thanks for watching! See you in the next one!

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