Top 10 Digital Signage Apps To Use On Your Platform

The cost of digital signs is at an all-time low.

As signs became more popular, then prices fell, so the signs became even more popular, and now we are seeing them everywhere from hospitals to garage waiting rooms.

As a result of their popularity, many apps have been created and/or adapted to work on or for digital signs. Here are a few of the more popular digital sign apps that digital sign owners can use on their digital signs.

The KitCast App

Let’s start with an app that allows you to use your digital sign software on your mobile device.

People use KitCast to create the content for their digital signs, and they use it to control their digital signs (define content lists, set schedules, etc.).

If you have and use the KitCast for Android TV app, then you do not need a PC or laptop to control your digital signs, you can use your mobile device so long as you have an Internet connection.

Weather Apps

There are now so many of these that are compatible with digital signs that it seems unfair to single just one out.

These have become oddly popular for a range of reasons. In some cases, it simply allows people in waiting rooms something to look at, but some retailers are using weather reports to sell things like sun cream or umbrellas.

Having weather reports running also seems to gather the attention of passersby, especially within indoor areas like in malls.

Room Booking Apps

The level of interactivity seems to vary depending on the hardware available. In some cases, people are simple able to see which rooms are available or which theater/cinema seats are available.

However, with the right hardware, people are able to book rooms using interactive signs that are powered by room-booking apps that have live updates. In some cases, the signs have wireless payment hardware that means people can book and pay using just a digital sign.

The YouTube App

This is a rather odd addition to the list. While we all know that the YouTube app is popular simply because it is already installed into every Android phone straight out of the factory, it turns out that digital sign users are using this app quite a lot too.

People are uploading their digital content onto YouTube, setting up a playlist and then looping it on their digital signs. This means they need not worry about server maintenance, but it does rely on both the YouTube server up time and a constant Internet connection.

You will also need YouTube premium otherwise your videos may keep being interrupted with advertisements.

Web Page Apps

At first, this may seem like a stunning under-utilization of digital signs. After all, why have a digital sign and only run a web page?

They may as well screen print the web page and put it up as a poster. Web page apps seem like a waste of time, but you have to remember that modern websites are very sophisticated.

The people who use web page apps on their digital signs are typically those who have live-updated websites. For example, a company that trades in currency may have a web page app that casts its web pages.

Those same web pages may offer up-to-date currency prices. The web-page app may also flip web pages every 20 seconds too, so that people can see several pages in a single session.

The Google Slides App

Also known as the poor man’s KitCast. If you want a very cut-down and basic version of a digital sign app, then Google Slides is an “Okay” option.

Digital sign owners add the Google slide app to their digital sign, they create slides, add them to a flash drive, plug in the flash drive and run the slides through the app.

If you are a small retailer with a very tight budget, then this is a pretty cheap option, otherwise, you should use another method for displaying your content on digital signs. 

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