Top 10 GPS Vehicle Tracking Companies In Ghana

There has been a rising demand for Car GPS Trackers in Ghana due to the extra level of security and safety it brings to vehicle owners. GPS devices are not only popular because they can live track the location of a vehicle, but advanced models can also immobilise the vehicle in case of theft.

In this article, we are going to review the top 10 vehicle GPS companies in Ghana and leave a score for each company. This score is solely based on our findings after thorough research online with the aim to answer the following questions: 

  • Who are they? 
  • What are their prices? 
  • Do they provide after-sales support?
  • How reliable is their service? 
  • How do I purchase their service?

Autosurveil GPS

Autosurveil GPS, established in 2017, located at Manet, Spintex Rd is the first company I would like to talk about.

Although relatively new in the tracker business, they have through innovation, professionalism and excellent customer support become the company of choice for most Ghanaian individuals and businesses. They provide the most convenient way of acquiring a GPS Tracker.

This is achieved simply by filling a form on the pricing page of their website Another thing is, that the website is well built and easy to navigate with all the features of each device carefully explained.

You are guaranteed to get all the necessary information that would enable you to make an informed decision. As I mentioned earlier, the support page on their website answers all common questions asked by customers concerning the GPS Tracking service. 

You’ll also find getting started tutorials that show you how to use the basic features of the app. As for pricing, they have a vast range of packages which I believe would be suitable for all kinds of customers.

You can check out their pricing page with this link: Contacting support personnel is also made very easy with a WhatsApp chat button on the website. The service runs on Android, IOS, and on the Web as well. You can easily download the apps and access their web portal from their website. 

The reviews on their website concerning their product and service they render are very impressive. It was no surprise to find out that the business was being run by young and energetic entrepreneurs who are qualified in the field. You can find that information on the about page. In conclusion I’ll score Autosurveil GPS 9/10. 

Contact them on: 0302800516 / 0200595837 / 0245031905


Trackhab Limited

Next we have Trackhab, located at Osu. They are an indegenous Internet-of-Things company which deals in vehicle tracking and monitoring. Trackhab’s cloud-based tracking service works with multiple devices to provide an overview of an asset’s location and condition at any time.

They have partnered exclusively with MTN to provide GPS tracking services to their customers.To get started, you’ll need to buy a GPS tracking device from Trackhub or Trackhab certified agents across Ghana. Their pricing information can be obtained by calling their contact numbers provided on the support page. Support for asset tracking is available at any MTN centre across Ghana.I’ll score Trackhab Limited 7/10.

Global Royal Technologies Limited

Global Royal Technologies offers vehicle tracking and GPS fleet management services, with a focus on mobility and fleet intelligence. You can find their office at East Legon.

You’ll need to contact them to find out how much their services cost. They offer 24/7 support and provide tracking services for a number of reputable companies.You can also contact them through their live chat portal on their website. I’ll give them a score of 7/10. 


Frotcom Ghana is a distributor of the multinational Frotcom vehicle tracking and fleet management system. The company is located at Weija and operates by combining telematics information with analytics to provide a reliable solution for their customers.

They offer a fleet telematics package that covers personnel training, GPS tracker installation, and customer support. Also available on their website are frequently asked questions and educational blog posts. You will have to call and find out the prices of their services listed on their website. They earn a score of 7/10.

Tracksolid GPS Tracker Ghana

Tracksolid GPS is a multinational company and their service team in Ghana leverages on the Tracksolid platform to provide a secure and efficient solution for fleet management and vehicle tracking.

They are located at Gbawe and you can get a quote for the price of their service on their website or call to make enquiries. There is no information online about their after sale support so you would have to call and inquire about it as well. They are open 24 hours, every day of the week, earning them a score of 6/10.

Nsoroma GPS

Founded in 2007, Nsoroma provides fleet management and tracking solutions for clients in Ghana and beyond. They are located at North Dzorwulu and serve both individual and corporate customers. Their past clients have given them a good review for the quality of service on their website.

There is no information provided about the price of their service, however, there are detailed descriptions for each package they offer. You can call their contact number to inquire about how to purchase a GPS tracker and after-sales support. We’ll give them 5/10.

MANIT Solutions-Ghana

MANIT Solutions is located at Osu. They are a diversified information technology company providing technology solutions in Vehicle Tracking, Fleet Management, Fuel Monitoring, Online Advertising, Networking, and other IT Services.

With their fleet management and GPS tracking tools, you can track the activities of your vehicles using your smartphone, pc, or tablet.They have good reviews from customers who have used their service on their website. You’ll need to call to find out the price of their GPS tracking service and how good their after-sale support is. As the saying goes; Jack of all trades, master of none. I’ll give them a score of 5/10.


Supratrack is another GPS tracking provider. They manage all sizes of fleets and deal in asset tracking management. You can find their office on the Haatso-Atomic road, close to Ecobank. On their website, they have detailed descriptions of their GPS tr Dee acking devices but the prices of the devices aren’t listed.

Their services page describes their different tracking packages extensively but in order to purchase one, you will need to call their office number to make some enquiries. Their support page contains a lot of information on how to use their platform however, there is no information online about after-sales support. Supratrack earns a score of 5/10.

Masstrack Technologies

MassTrack Technologies is a fleet management solution designer in the Airport Residential area of Accra. These solutions allow you to locate your fleet amongst a host of other features. They tailor their packages to suit a range of customer demands.

There are no details regarding after-sales support and there are no published client reviews on their site. Their service prices are not displayed on their website, so you would have to contact them for that information. They get a score of 4/10. 

Global Trackers and Car Alarms Limited

With their head office at East Legon and another branch in Ashaley Botwe, Global Trackers and Car Alarms Limited provide the service their company is aptly named. You can find a lot of information on the products and services they offer on their website.

There is a description of how their service works online in a step-by-step guide on the how it works page. You will have to contact them to inquire about their service charges. There is no information about after-sales support online and they have few reviews. I’ll give them a score of 4/10.


In this article, I’ve covered the top 10 GPS vehicle tracking companies in Ghana. I hope you found it informative and useful in aiding your decision-making process.

Out of the lot, I personally would recommend Autosurveil GPS to anyone looking to purchase a GPS tracker for their automobile. Always remember that the cost of securing your vehicle with a GPS tracker is negligible when compared to the cost incurred if the vehicle is stolen. 

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