Top 5 tips & tricks for New World Beginners

The New World is a game very newly launched game which everyone is playing these days. It has gained some serious amount of popularity these past couple of months. Every big twitch streamer is grinding this game right now. New World is an MMORPG game developed and launched by Amazon games. You’ll be playing as a 17th country shipwrecked explorer on the island of Aeternum. It’s probably the most fun game that has ever existed. You will be able to conquer various factions, monsters and even customize your character into anything you want like a hunter, trader, conquistador, etc. This mostly includes PvE all around the map but also has a PvP option where 50 players will be versing 50 players on the map. You’ll have to build your weapons by using different things all around the map.

The island Aeternum is full of the lost, angry earth, ancients, and corrupted beasts. Each enemy has its elemental power and weakness that requires certain weapons to kill it. You’ll be using different weapons for each enemy to deal more damage to it due to their elemental strength and weaknesses. Joining a player faction will add some safety in numbers and access to expanded game elements allowing you to get more gear easily. You will also receive quests in town after which you’ll have to venture out into the wilderness with your friends or maybe even alone to build your fame and fortune. There are also various expeditions to test your skill and seek treasure.

This game has one of the best crafting systems an MMORPG can have. There are hundreds of resources that can be used to craft. You’ll have to spend your time across the continent and gather all the resources to craft something. The most fun part of the game is finding unique resources. You’ll find them all around the map if you look carefully. Craftable items include weapons, armor, ammo, tools, gems, potions, and furniture for your house. is providing new world hacks and cheats and here is why you should use it. New world being an MMORPG game means that it requires a lot of grinds. You will need to spend hours collecting countless materials and resources, battle a legion of foes, and traverse the entirety of a continent and back. If you would like to experience all the things that the game has to offer, lavicheats hacks and cheats will open up the New World for you to explore with you having wallhacks through which you will be able to see through walls to see if there is an enemy you’d like to fight or any material you’d like to farm. You will also have an aimbot that you can use when playing PvP. You can streamline you grinding into a user-friendly experience with lavicheats’ aimbot.

Here are the top 5 tips and trips for New World Beginner:

Use both weapons slots

Early on when you start playing this game, you’ll have a variety of weapons to choose from. You won’t be able to set classes for your weapons so, instead, you should figure out what weapons you want and then build your fighting style around it. For example, you could choose a sword and a bow. Sword for close-range combat and the bow for long-range combat.

Watch your weight

Whatever gear you wear will add to your overall weight. I know it’s tempting to wear the best gear for survivability but slapping on heavy armor can increase your weight by a lot due to which you will walk slow. You won’t be able to dodge perfectly because of the heavy armor. Use something that has less weight and good survivability. However, if you’re going for a heavier build, you probably don’t mind sacrificing your mobility.

Fast travel option

The more places you explore, the more fast travel options you’ll unlock which will save your time as you won’t have to walk to the location. You can simply just use fast travel to where you want to go allowing you to save time and do something else.

Be aware of the durability

Your weapons, tools and, etc suffer a small amount of durability whenever they are used. So, keep in mind that you’ll have to make new ones once they’re not durable anymore.

Start crafting early

In New World, crafting plays a big role because most of the things in the game require some sort of gear. Crafting requires materials and resources so, you will also have gathered a lot of materials to make the exact gear you want. This can take time so, you should start gathering resources early if you want your gear to be made fast.

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