Top 7 Web Hosting Websites in Nigeria

It seems so obvious that that the indigenous web hosting companies we have in this country are still coming up; a lot of folks have shown their dissatisfaction over how the experiences they have had in the past with these companies at one point or the other.

However, a general survey about the experiences of clients on the best of web hosting websites in the world shows that there’s no single web hosting websites without its own flaws.

There has been a lot of positive changes in the ICT sector of Nigeria recently, this is caused by the massive involvement of many investors and experts, government, and institutions organizing special training for interested individuals, organizations, and so on.

Finding the best web hosting website for your blogs and platforms can be very tricky and tiring at the same time; especially when you are working on a very low budget and still have to get the best for your platform.

The good news is that we have taken our time to make our findings, the result of that finding is what we compile here for you, this article will not only help limit your stress but would also give you the option of choosing between the best web hosts in the country of Nigeria.


Official website:

This particular website made it to the 1st position on this article, Whogohost is a name familiar to all Nigerians who are into blogs and website management. It’s one of the oldest web hosting websites ion the country and has maintained its standard over time.

Whogohost is best known for the way they deliver good server uptime, good customer care support service and tech-heads with all primary technical know-how in the hosting community; another unique thing about this web host is that they provide the best panel o management with affiliate systems that enables their customers to earn from referring others.


Official website:

Web4Africa is the second on our list, they are one of the highly recognized web hosting websites in the country. Just like the previously mentioned host, web4Africa has also been in the business of hosting websites for as long as you could imagine, this attribute makes it possible for them to know the A to Z of website hosting in Nigeria, and experience they say is the best teacher. They are fully accredited and registered under Nira.


Official website:

Smartweb is the number three on this list; one thing that makes this web host unique from the previous ones mentioned is that its hosting fee/charges are very cheap affordable, this coupled with the act that they deliver good servers to their customers makes them attract most blog and sites owners in Nigeria.

To improve their customer support system, they develop a very active social media page and 24/7 phone support.


Official website:

Although DomainKing is new in the system, the way they have operated since their existence has proved their capability and experience. They can definitely be referred to as the game-changer in the Nigerian web hosting system.

They have mastered the game so well that they find it so easy to satisfy those that patronize them. They are popular for being the first to an active support thread in Nairaland and also web savvy groups on Facebook.

They have been certified fully by both Nira and ICANN, this gives them the power to sell high-level domain names.


Official website:

Just like Whogohost, SysKay is also one of the oldest web hosts in Nigeria, they’ve been providing quality and top-notch service to their clients over the years.

Their state of art infrastructures has always placed them above the other companies offering the same service.

They have a well-organized and tech-drained team that works relentlessly to make sure the services they provide to their client is worth it.


Official website:

Just like DomainKIng, Register has also been accredited by both ICANN and Nira; they’ve also been operating in Nigeria for a very long time. They offer top-notch services at an affordable price.

Since they have been in the web hosting system for a long time, they have a very good number of high-profiled customers to glued to their company. 


Official website:

Some people might be a bit surprised to see philmorehost on this list; although they are not very popular yet, they actually have one of the best servers for hosting websites. Their website is being handled by professionals with very high technical know-how.

They also have an active social media handle to increase their customer support system, they are active on the following social media platforms; Facebook, live chat, Instagram, Twitter, and so on.


As mentioned earlier, there is no web hosting company with a 100% flawless record; all the companies listed above are the best in the business of hosting websites in Nigeria.

All the companies that made it to this list have similar features that make them stand out from others; these features include procurement of “.NG” domain names, accept all payment in naira, and also offer phone support through the regular mobile phone numbers.

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