Top Areas In Ghana Where You Can Find a Laptop Repairer

Students, business owners, teachers and freelancers mostly use Laptops every now and then.

Laptops serve various purposes such as entertainment, research and productivity. Though there are various brands and types of Laptops on the market, one thing is common to them; they get spoilt at some stage.

Since these gadgets are electronic devices, it is only to be expected that after several periods of usage, some parts begin to malfunction and are either to be replaced or repaired.

For most people, due to how delicate laptop parts are, they tend to develop some severe panics as soon as their laptops begin to malfunction. This, however, should not be the case.

Laptop computers, just like most other devices can be repaired and returned to their normal functioning state. You only need to see an expert who understands exactly what is needed for your machine to work. So, the biggest question is: how and where do you locate the best Laptop repairers in Ghana?

In this article, we shall provide answers to your quest of finding the best Laptop repairers available.

To make this article simpler and easier for you to navigate and get exactly what you need, we have further divided the Laptop repairs locations based on some major cities.

Where To Buy Laptop Parts And Repair Your Laptop In Accra

If you are in Accra and you are seeking to either repair your laptop or buy replaceable parts for your laptop, there are quite a wide range of locations available for you to choose from. Here, we shall list some of the prominent areas to get these.

  1. Mr Laptop Store – Located in Kokomlemle.
  2. Laptop Palace – Located in Kokomlemle
  3. Can-West – Located in Dzorwulu
  4. Derl IT Solutions – Located in Lashibi
  5. Danny Computers – Located On Ring Road
  6. McAbe solutions – Located On Spintex Road
  7. Nastech Opoku Servicing – Located At Kwame Nkrumah Avenue
  8. Kojo Broni Phones and Laptop Repairs – Kofi Annan Street
  9. iTech Computer Solutions – Located at America House Traffic Light, La-Bawaleshie
  10. Master Zuberu Computers and Laptops repair – Agbogbloshie Scrapyard

Where To Buy Laptop Parts And Repair Your Laptop In Tema

For those living in Tema, Dawhenya, Prapram and the environs, yours is no different. There are some quality repair and parts shops in your locality. Kindly scan through the list to see the one closest to you.

  1. Ghan Tech Center Limited – Located in Community 4, near Konadu Plazza.
  2. Mayrornn’s Computer Services – Located on the Ashaiman-Tema Highway
  3. MobiGh – Located on the Mitchell Road, Tema.
  4. Thinkfirst Solutions – Located in Tema Community 5
  5. Gracious Computer – Located on the Michel Camp Road, 2nd Gbetsile Junction
  6. City Computers – N Road, Tema
  7. Fixit Fast ICT Center – Located on Padmore Street, Tema
  8. MEC IT – Located at the Ashaiman Main Station.

Where To Buy Laptop Parts And Repair Your Laptop In Kumasi

You don’t have to travel all the way to Accra for your laptops to be repaired. You can quickly get them fixed right in Kumasi. Check out the list below to find out the closest place to send your Laptop, the next time it develops a fault.

  1. St. Anthony Computers and Accessories – Located on the Adum road, Kumasi
  2. Majora Computers – Located on the Bantama High Street, Kumasi
  3. Tony Computers – Located near Majora Computers
  4. King Computers and Accessories – Located near KNUST main campus
  5. Jeffrey Praise Computers – Located near Unibank, Bantama High Street.
  6. Power 2 Computers – Located on the Bantama High Street
  7. Linutek Info Solutions – Located on the Nyarko Science Academy Street
  8. Techstuff Digi Solutions – Located at the Atimatim Junction Bus Stop
  9. Chiptech IT Solutions – Located in Icycup on the Andrews Street
  10. Inter-Global Link – Near South Patasi

Where To Buy Laptop Parts And Repair Your Laptop In Koforidua

If you live in and around Koforidua, you should check the following places for your Laptop parts and repairs.

  1. Amtech Computer Repairs – Located on the Kotoko Street
  2. Ultimate Phones and Accessories
  3. Amilo Phones and Laptop repairs
  4. Freeman Computer Services – Located On the Koforidua to Nsutam road.

Where To Buy Laptop Parts And Repair Your Laptop In Tamale

Finally, there are some reputable places to repair your Laptop in and around Tamale. You can also purchase a laptop and computer parts at these places.

  1. Emmtech IT – Located in the Tamale Technical University
  2. Facom Net Computer Services – Located at Tamale Aboabo
  3. Aziz Computer House – Near Daamas Company Limited
  4. Euphoria Technologies – Near Emmtech IT


Computers have become a core part of our lives as individuals, business owners and students. For their ability to increase work rate and improve efficiency, we have come to accept them fully into our everyday living.

But, headache sets in when your Laptop begins to malfunction. For many people, the delicate nature of Laptops means whenever there is a problem, it’s difficult to be fixed.

However, this is not entirely true. Laptops can be fixed and their parts replaced, just as desktop computers. In this article, we looked at some top areas to repair your laptop and buy laptop parts across Ghana.

If you have any additions, comments or reservations regarding this article, kindly let us know in the comment box below.

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