Top MTN Ghana Short Codes That You Need

When it comes to the best telecommunications in Ghana, MTN is the leading telecommunication network in Ghana with over 17 million subscribers.

MTN has so many offers that have made Ghanaians fall in love with their service.

You might have heard of a certain offer that this telecommunication will be offering and will want to subscribe to this offer but you might not know how exactly it works and also the shortcode for subscribing

In this article, I am going to take you through the top MTN Ghana shortcodes and the offer or purpose behind it

MTN Nkomode – *550#

The MTN Nkomode also known as ‘free after one’ is an offer that was launched in 2, November 2018 and it has been active till now.

This service allows you to make calls and only pay for the first minute of the call and then the rest of the call becomes free, you will be charged 30.4 pesewas and also get free 50MB, in addition, to be used before the next day.

How to susbcribe to MTN Nkomode

  1. On your phone dial *550#
  2. Choose Option 6 (Free after 1)
  3. Select 1 to activate
  4. Select 1 again to confirm

What users have to take note about this offer is that, when you activate it, you only pay for the first 1 minute and the rest is free so if you subscribe and make a phone call that does not last up to a minute, you will not be charged 30.4p, also when you make a phone call and it last for 2 minutes, you will be charged 30.4p.

Although MTN has made it known to us that it is free after 1 and you only pay for the first minute, that does not mean you can make a phone call for 5 hours and still pay for 30.4p but rather each call will last for 1 hour and then the call will end and you will be charged only 30.4 pesewas.

MTN Jaara – *5055#

MTN Jaara is a free call service, this service allows you to make calls for 24 hours and pay 50p, you can choose to auto-renew the next day after it expires.

This service is not available in all regions in the country but to some selected regions, these regions are :

  • Northern Region
  • Upper East Region
  • Brong Ahafo Region
  • Volta Region
  • Upper West Region

To activate for this offer dial *5055# and then confirm, after that you will be charged 50 pesewas and then you can start making free calls the rest of the day.

MTN Pay For Me – 154 Before The MTN Number

There might a time that you might want to talk to somebody but you don’t have credit, or you were in the middle of a conversation and all of a sudden your credit got finished and you still want to continue the conversation.

MTN has also thought of that, and because of this they introduced MTN Nkomode, with this service, users can make a call without even having a credit but request the receiver to accept the call and pay for the call.

To make a ‘pay for me’ call first dial 154 before the receivers number so if you want to call 0244300000, you will dial 1540244300000 and the call will go through, when the person you called receives the call he or she will be prompted to either press 1 to accept the call and pay for it or press 2 to decline.

If the receiver accepts it, then both of you can have a conversation but at the end of the call, the receiver will be charged.

MTN Mobile Money Shortcode – *170#

Gone were the days transferring money to someone was a difficult thing to do, someone has to walk miles just to bring you money.

With the MTN of mobile money, everything has changed, now you can sit at the comfort of your room and pay someone, top-up airtime, pay your bills, shop online and many more.

To use MTN mobile money service users should dial *170# and from there you can do all the things mentioned above.

Reserve Your MTN Number – *1390#

As we all know MTN reactivate numbers and sell them when your number becomes inactive for some years, aside from that, every sim card has a date it is valid for, the more you talk, buy airtime and use that sim card the more the expiration date extend.

Maybe you are about to travel to another country and your number is going to be inactive, maybe that number is dear to your heart and that you don’t want to lose that special number.

So to reserve your number what you have to do is to dial *1390# to reserve your number for the next two years if the number is not going to be active.

Kindly note that this service comes at a fee of GHS 15 for 12 months and GHS 25 for 24 months.

Here Is The Steps To Reserve Your MTN Number

  • Dial *1390#
  • Select 1 to reserve your own number or 2 to reserve someone number
  • Enter your MTN phone number and then confirm the number
  • Enter an alternative number, it can be another MTN number or a different network number, you can also provide your email
  • Select the months you want to reserve your number (either reserve it for 12 months or 24 months).

MTN Just For You Offer – *141#

MTN has a shortcode for cheap bundles but it’s not available every day, this service is called just for you when you dial this code, you will be able to buy an internet bundle and you will be given a 50% or 60% bonus.


MTN has many offers for its subscribers and in this article, we went through the top MTN  shortcodes and how to access and activate each of them.

Is there any promotion or offer that is still ongoing that I didn’t add to it? Let me know in the comment section below.

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