Top Online Classified Sites To Market Your Goods On

Today’s sales and buying start from an online search. At least 97% of the world’s purchasing cycles start with a quick search on google and other search engines.

Meaning, the more your products appear in google search results, the more likely they are to be purchased.

One way to get your products to appear in search results is by listing them on popular classified sites which are already ranking high on search engines.

In this article, I shall introduce you to some of the top online classified sites on which you can market your products in Ghana.

Pepapa is one of the established names in the classified listing industry of Ghana.

With over 3 years of experience in the industry, creates the opportunity for individuals and business owners to list their products and services on their platform to attract prospective buyers who spend hours on the platform daily.

Pepapa allows listing in the following categories; Phones and tablets, Food and Agriculture, Jobs, Events, Vehicle, Electronics, Real Estate, Home Furniture, Animals and Pets, Fashion and Beauty, Services and Industries, and Arts and Sports.


Ghana’s biggest classified site with millions of products and service listings, Jiji comes highly recommended especially in Ghana.

Formerly known as Olx, the Jiji platform allows users to list their products for free by creating an account and then uploading photos and details of their products on the channel.

With thousands of people visiting the platform every hour, users are assured of sales once they follow the policies of the platform. ranks as the 23rd most visited website in Ghana – meaning it receives lots of traffic.

The platform has several categories including electronics, furniture, home and kitchen appliances, vehicle, property, fashion, jobs, agriculture and food among many others.

Tonaton is one of Ghana’s biggest classified sites with more than a million monthly visitors who consistently visit to purchase various items.

This platform is the first classified only website to be launched in Ghana and has since become a household name for anyone hoping to buy or sell something online in Ghana.

With Tonaton, you can list your products and services from all locations in Ghana in over 50 different categories including fashion, electronics, automobiles, decorations, gardening tools, furniture and what have you!

Tonaton is literally the home for all Ghanaian goods and services on the internet.

Posting on Tonaton is generally free, however, they offer premium services which enable sellers to reach a larger audience on the Tonaton platform and social media platforms as well.

Usually, anyone running free ads on Tonaton has a specific number of items which they can post monthly. After exceeding that number, you would have to make payments based on the item you wish to advertise.

The third platform on this list is Tobitongh, which is a relatively newer classified site.

Tobiton offers listings for various categories such as electronics, vehicle, health and beauty, Food and Agriculture, Clothing and Fashion, Real estates, machines, furniture, services, education and training as well as building and construction.

Posting ads on this platform is free of charge and can be renewed every 30 days, however, real estate ads attract 10 cedis payment for a 60 days period of ads.

This site is one of the oldest classified sites in Ghana with about 6 years experience in the industry dating as far back as 2014. provides listings under the following categories; Mobile Phones and Tablets, Electronics, Properties, Vehicle, Machinery, Services, Classes, Animals and Pets, and Jobs.

Ads posted on GhanaBuyandSell are completely free of charge and can be completed in very few seconds.

With thousands of ads posted on the platform monthly, people from all parts of the country search for their favourite items and services on this platform, making it one of the hottest destinations for classified listings in Ghana.


The growth of the internet is very rapid and an estimated total of 4.75 Billion people are using the internet globally.

Out of that number, about 11.373 Million people use the internet in Ghana today, representing 37.8 per cent of the total population.

This means that there is a big room for growth in terms of internet usage in Ghana and at the same time, the 11.3 Million people available is a huge market for traders to benefit from.

The only way to connect with these people is by positioning your business where they are. And that place is the internet.

With the various classified sites available in Ghana, you can connect with at least 50% of those internet users since the majority of them end up visiting those sites to find items they need.

I hope this article provides you with a fair idea of the online classified sites in Ghana on which you can advertise your goods and services to reach out to a large number of potential customers.

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