Top Online Shopping Sites for Computers and Laptops in Nigeria

Computers are gradually becoming a gadget that should be in every Nigerian home, office, and even school, the world is fast growing towards the digital and the only way to move in line with this growth is getting the needed skills and gadgets. Gone are those days when computer systems can only be acquired by people of a higher caliber, just like a mobile phone, computers have become cheap and affordable to people of all classes.

In the last few decades, many have adopted the practice of buying computer system for their children who needs it for one thing or the other, some elementary schools in Nigeria has even made it compulsory for all students to get a laptop, as it will help develop their technological thinking and will also help them cope well in the digital space.

Since the computer has become a gadget that must be owned by an average Nigerian, people are however faced with the challenge of getting a durable, affordable, and purpose serving computers.

There has been a lot of development in the online market of computers, as most of our indigenous market has developed a system that attracts new customers.

One major advantage of online phone purchase is that it saves you to stress, time and energy of going to a computer store to get the computer of your choice; online computer market gives you the alternative of selecting the computer of your choice online and getting it delivered to your doorstep, even without you stepping out of your house.

Many people have a whole lot of complaint piled up for different online marketers, as some of them doesn’t deliver the services they claim to offer; this doesn’t dispute the fact that we have other marketers that are best in delivering perfect services to their clients.

We have taken time to make a proper research, to give our readers the list of the best online shops in Nigeria.

 Below are some of the sites that have been tested and trusted by a lot of Nigerians who have bought computers in the past:

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Official website:

Jumia is a household name in the country of Nigeria, they do not only sell computers but also deal with other gadgets, electronics, food, clothes, and many other household materials.

The fast-rising company was established in the year 2012; unlike other computer dealers, they only have their products on their online market. After you must have selected your computer of choice, you’ll be required to pay online and get your product either delivered to your house or a Jumia station close to you. 

Some of the mobile computers available for purchase on include; Apple, HP, Dell, Acer, Lenovo, and many others.

Although the company has an option to pay on delivery, this was recently disabled for reasons best known to them.


Official website:

O-list is one of the recently launched online markets in Nigeria, the name might seem new to many but those that have patronized them in the past can testify to their reliability.

They have a large number of computers on their sites, this ranges from desktops to laptops and others.

You can easily select your choice on their website, pay using your ATM card, and get the product delivered to your location of choice without going through any stress whatsoever.


Official website:

Jiji is one of the fast-rising online gadget stores that has been making waves in the past few years; it is uniquely built and operated as it provides an avenue for thousands of buyers and sellers to meet and exchange services, computer sale is one of the services Jiji is known for.

Unlike the other companies that were previously mentioned in this article, Jiji allows buyers to showcase both used and brand new computers; meanwhile, buyers are expected to meet with the seller and test the computers before paying for it.

Although the computers, as well as other gadgets available on this platform, are cheaper, it doesn’t come with any warranty whatsoever.


Official website:

Konga is the last on our list, just like Jumia it was also founded in 2012; they also have other products available for sale aside from mobile phones, these include, wears, foodstuffs, electronics, and so on.

Some of the computers available for purchase on

include; HP, Acer, Sony, Lenovo, Asus, and so on.

The good thing about these online stories that they accept payment on delivery and also have a warranty on all their new products.


Compiled above is the list of the best companies you should consider when trying to buy a new or used computer. You can visit two or more of the platforms listed above to compare the prices of the same product, this will help you to choose the product that suits your pocket and also serve the purpose you want.

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