Top Parcel Delivery Companies in Ghana

I assume there are many occasions when you must carry items to a location that is very different from your own and you wonder how to go about it. In some circumstances, this forces you to distribute your goods just locally rather than to other regions across the nation.

We’ve updated our list of the top 10 parcel delivery companies in Ghana, so you don’t have to worry anymore. They’ll take care of the task without any trouble.

You are only one step away from making it feasible, so there is no need to struggle with the idea of having your items delivered to many places at once.

We have entered a new era where many businesses have risen to give answers to these issues, helping you get your goods and packages down to whatever area you like, unlike decades before when everyone was confronted with the significant challenge of shipping goods or even parcels over to their clients or loved ones.

As they offer a safe service, delivery firms enable you to send your products and commodities to distant regions without worrying about damage or theft.

But the main issue is: which businesses are the finest delivery companies in Ghana? Watch this space to learn more as we examine this year’s list of Ghana’s best delivery services.

Top 10 Parcel Delivery Companies in Ghana

FedEx Ghana

To deliver your products and commodities in Ghana, are you looking for the finest delivery service? Stop your search now. With its headquarters in Tennessee, the United States, FedEx is a global delivery service that was founded back in 1971.

Fast, dependable, and safe deliveries are just a few of the amazing services offered by an outstanding delivery business. With more than 40 years of expertise, this business is without a doubt among the finest in Ghana to manage your delivery needs.

They have perfected the art of delivery in a speedier, safer, and more dependable manner. FedEx app is available for both apple store and Google play.

DHL Express Ghana

If you’re looking for one of Ghana’s most popular delivery services, DHL Express is a top Ghanaian delivery company that has been around long enough to have expertise in managing deliveries without problems.

The business, an international delivery corporation with incredibly distinctive services, was established in 1969 in the United States. By making the risky decision to grow in the 1970s, this finest Ghana delivery firm became one of the biggest in the country’s delivery sector.

They have their headquarters in Accra, Ghana, on Crescent Road. DHL express Ghana app is available for both apple store and Google play.

UPS – United Parcel Delivery Company

Formerly known as the American Messenger Firm, the United Parcel Delivery Company, or more often known as UPS, is a global delivery service. The company was founded in 1907, but through multiple mergers before changing its name to United Parcel Service.

The business is known to have several subsidiaries, including UPS Airlines, Nightline Groups, UPS Logistics, UPS Supply Chain Stores, UPS i-Parcel, and many more. Cargo D, Kotoka International Airport, Accra, is where the company’s Ghana office is situated.

Street Express

This is yet another outstanding Ghanaian delivery business that is renowned for providing excellent services when it comes to shipping packages and items all throughout the nation.

The Ghanaian delivery service known to specialize in on-demand and account distribution services is said to personally own this business.

When compared to their account distribution service, which interacts with institutions, organizations, and agencies who need transportation on a fixed timetable, their on-demand service is said to be focused on clients without a predetermined schedule and would need a door-to-door transaction.

Although Street Express has no app currently you can visit their website to make enquirers if needed.

Oak Express limited

Another intriguing delivery service that focuses on sending out products, packages, and papers is Oak Express limited.

However, this business is legitimately registered as both a domestic courier service and a delivery service, allowing it to establish a number of branches in most of Ghana’s main cities in addition to its headquarters in Accra.

The business is well known for its secure express delivery services and trucks between locations. Oak Express limited provides their service through their website since they do not have an app.

KASI Express

This delivery firm has reached the list despite not being an established business like many others on it because to the incredibly quick and trustworthy services they provide.

With the aid of highly skilled staff and cutting-edge technology, this firm was founded in 2014 with the goal of offering quick and dependable, customer-focused delivery services to individuals and corporate organizations in Ghana and throughout West Africa.

When considering some of their offerings, they are renowned for their excellent hauling, logistics, and dispatch services as well as same-day express service. KSI Express do not run their service from an app rather their website.

Eagle Express

As its name suggests, Eagle Express is another reputable and quick courier service in Ghana. In order to provide delivery services within the nation and to stand tall as every customer’s first choice for express delivery services, the company was incorporated in Ghana as a logistics service provider in 2008.

This has, in turn, kept them in the business as a whole from their inception to this point. The organization is known for working with clients in prestigious industries including the banking industry, the manufacturing sector, and many other financial institutions.

Apex Shipping Company

In order to offer top-notch customs clearing services to manufacturing businesses and private citizens, the Apex shipping firm, which is also a frequently utilized delivery service in Ghana, was established in the year 1997.

With several branches dispersed around the nation’s departure and entrance points, the business aspires to rank among the top international freight forwarding companies supplying logistical solutions to its clientele.

Ghana Aramex

Another leading courier service in Ghana is Aramex, a well-known worldwide delivery service with headquarters in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The establishment of this business was the result of the collaboration of Bill Kingson and Fadi Ghandour in the year 1982. With a network of 40 delivery businesses, the organization now employs over 13,000 people in 54 different countries.

Express National

Ghana National Express Ghana completes the list of the top local courier services in Ghana. This wonderful delivery service provides same-day delivery services to people in good condition in a quick, secure, and dependable manner. The regulatory body for mail and courier services has issued them licenses.


With so many businesses providing delivery services all around Ghana, the delivery market is highly competitive, giving customers a wide selection of alternatives to choose from.

The most crucial thing is that your shipments and commodities arrive at their destinations securely and in excellent shape. While each firm is certain to have some advantages over the competition.

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