Top Parental Control tips in 2021 for Parents

Parenting in this century has become a difficult task due to how life has been structured in this century.

This isn’t the old days that transport was not rare, personal mobile phones were not available to kids. These days almost every kid has a mobile phone.

And as a parent, you wouldn’t know what goes on on that device. In this article, I’m going to discuss a few tips you learn to control your kids. 

Be a good example to your kids

This is one of the best forms of training to give your kids. Setting a good example for them to follow. Kids learn what they see around them.

So as a parent, you have to act well at home so your kids will learn from you. Kids at very young ages see their parents as role models. As a role model, set good examples for those who look up to you to follow.

Parental controls you can use right now

As a parent who wants to look for your kids, you should use tools to supervise your kid’s devices and what they do on the internet.

There are many tools and technology available to guide parents in this quest. We’ll talk about a few of these parental control technology.

Parental control for YouTube Kids

This application is very simple to set up. It allows you to create up to (8) profiles to configure and assign to each child.

In this app, you can do the following; 1: save the viewing history of videos your kid has watched. 2; activate or deactivate the video search option. 3; report a video that should not be accessible by your kid. 4; block videos or channels you don’t want your child to watch.

Now let’s talk about how to configure this app to use. 

Step 1: Download a YouTube kids app from the google play store. 

Step 2: Add your birthday and log in with your Google account because it’s already linked to your phone. 

Step 3: Create a profile for your child. It’s going to ask for your child’s name and birthday. 

Step 4: Activate or deactivate the video search option. This option makes sure that your child cannot search for videos of his/her choice but watches videos YouTube suggests that are appropriate for their age. 

Step 5: Create a password to the app’s settings. With this function, your child will not be able to access the app’s settings to change things. He/she will require the password to do that. 

Step 6: Finally, you can set a time limit on the app. A time limit controls the amount of time your child spends using the app. When the time is exhausted, the app will automatically shut down. 

Set up parental control on gaming consoles and other hardware.

Most of these modern gaming consoles have been connected to the web, so you have a chance to play with other people online. Most of these people kids play with online are total strangers.

These consoles consist of cameras that allow both parties to see each other. These gadgets have settings parents can utilize to create a safer environment for their kids while playing online by blocking certain content. 

iPhone parental controls

There are specific features on iPhones designed to help parents block specific apps, restrict some web searches and other functions of the phone.

The screen time feature lets you know how much time your kid spends on the phone, sites they visit, what they watch, and the apps they use. Parents have a lot of transparency with this feature.

A parent can set the time he wants his kid to spend using the phone using the screen time feature. This means when the said time you’ve assigned for the screen time is up. The device shuts down automatically. 

Android parental controls

If you purchase an Android phone for your child, there are also ways you can restrict some functions of the phone from your child. Android phones are easier to use hence the need to restrict them.

Everything you want to restrict them from doing on the device you can. From downloads on the google play store to website restrictions. Their setup is also easy to follow and implement. You can apply restrictions to watch they watch on YouTube, music choice, and other explicit content. 


As a parent, I hope this article has guided you to know some common parental tips to learn in the modern world. They’re very much elaborated, providing some easy-to-do steps. Parents just need to read and see which tip is fit and appropriate for them to use at home and implement them at home to ensure their kids don’t have access to all the explicit and appropriate content on the internet that kids are not supposed to see. 

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