Top Payroll Software Options for Accountants

Almost every organization needs a payroll accountant. Their main role is generating employee payroll and maintaining accurate records. This entails calculating and processing employee salaries, commissions, incentives and other benefits whilst ensuring it is in compliance with the government policies.

A very popular accounting software, QuickBooks provides cloud-based accounting solutions to help businesses keep accounting books, send invoices, manage payments and pay bills. Most companies prefer a QuickBooks payroll software since it is a powerful all-in-one solution that helps in managing both accounting and payroll.

Let’s look at the top payroll software options that simplify the payroll process for accountants:

  • Gusto:

One of the best payroll software available in the market, Gusto is a cloud-based tool that makes payroll process a cakewalk with its easy-to-use interface. With its powerful features and automation functionalities for payroll, it becomes easy to schedule payments which are then effortlessly handled by its system. 

With Gusto, there is no need to enter data in various tools to calculate payroll. It provides error-free calculations with deductions as well as stores records of it in the database. Being a cloud-based tool, this stored information can be accessed any time and from any device. It also provides a self-service dashboard that lets you easily navigate the software.

  • OnPay:

OnPay offers easy and swift integration with QuickBooks and allows you to migrate payroll data from other applications free of cost. In fact, it provides interesting HR resources in its monthly fee that help in organized resource management.

One of its biggest advantages is that it allows your clients’ employees to onboard themselves so the data entry process becomes streamlined. Even though it is available at an affordable price, its customer service support is top-notch since its support team includes all certified payroll experts.

  • Patriot Payroll:

If you are looking for an affordable solution with great features, Patriot Payroll is a great option. It is an integrated payroll and employee management tool that simplifies complex payroll processes and manages tax submissions. With Patriot Payroll, the product setup and service support are both free. 

Apart from the standard payroll services such as calculating earnings, deductions, and detailed payroll reports it also allows flexible pay schedules. It offers your employees personalized portals to quickly access all their payroll information, eliminating the need to discuss payroll related issues with the HR.

  • Paychex Flex:

With Paychex, managing employees and payroll becomes a breeze with its customized reporting. It provides HR resources as part of their service and full-service payroll processing with tax filing and remittance. It’s easy to use interface allows everything to be easily monitored through a dashboard which gives you control over the entire employee database.

Paychex Flex also provides employee tax documents like W-2s and 1099s too at an extra charge. It provides real-time data using a single profile for each employee individually since it is built on a centralized platform.

  • Zenefits:

For business owners looking at an all-inclusive tool with HR management, payroll, and performance apps that integrate easily with most systems, Zenefits is the best SaaS platform. Along with easy time tracking, it facilitates paperless onboarding and customized reporting. 

The dashboard assembles all its features and tools to provide accountants better control over employee information. It’s affordable and diverse packages make it an ideal option for small businesses and startups looking for a powerful platform on a small budget.


Every accountant knows how time-consuming it is to track payroll numbers, process paychecks, and file payroll taxes. While the right tech tools and ideal professional skills, accountants can bring efficiency in the payroll process. What payroll software does your company use? What are its best features? Let us know in the comments below. 

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