Top Sites to Download Ghanaian Movies from

Are you looking to download Ghanaian movies? If so, there are some sites that you can use to get them. This article covers some of the best sites to download Ghanaian movies from, so be sure to read through it before looking elsewhere.

Ghanaian movies are on screen play by Ghanaian actors and actresses made to entertain their home and outside fans. They are mostly divided into the locally made ones (Kumawood) and the English speaking made ones (Ghallywood).

Sites you can download Ghanaian movies from

Ghanaian movies just like any other movie on the internet can be downloaded and watched whether on your TV, computer or mobile phone. You might want to download but finding it difficult where exactly to get them. In this article, I will show you some top sites you can download your favourite Kumawood and Ghallywood at.


YouTube is the easiest place to get your popular kumawood or Ghallywood movies at. The world has evolved and alot of things are now becoming internet based. Most of this actors, actresses and producers are now on YouTube with their channels and to watch their movies, you need to be be on YouTube.

There are also some channels dedicated into posting Ghanaian movies where you go and download or watch your favourite ones. Below are some of the YouTube channels you can easily get a Ghanaian movie to watch anytime you visit YouTube.

  • Latest Twi Movies
  • Gh Movie Freak
  • African Twi Movies
  • Twi Movie Avenue


Netflix may be popular for foreign movies but the platform is not solely for foreign movies. You can also get to download and watch your latest Ghallywood movies on Netflix. Make a search on the latest Ghallywood movies on Netflix and you will get tons at your disposal to download and watch.

Note that, downloading movies on Netflix will be saved in the download section on your Netflix account and you need to use the App to be able to watch them anytime you wish to.


Get your interesting Ghanaian movies on this site. The site focuses on updating their timeline with interesting and entertaining movies mixed with kumawood and ghallywood. You can download movies from their website toyiur computers folder as well as watch them online.

Amazon Prime

Just like Netflix, Amazon Prime also has tons of Ghallywood movies and series to toggle through to entertain your eyes. They also enable download for phones and tablets only. To download movies on Amazon prime, you need to download the Amazon prime app.

The downloaded movies will be saved in the download folder in your Amazon prime account and anytime you wish to watch offline, you can do so.

Iroko TV

Iroko TV can be found on YouTube as well as on their website. Iroko TV is broad and has variety of African movies including Ghallywood and Kumawood movies at their disposal.

Get the IrokoTV app or create an account on their website, subscribe and get to download any Ghanaian movies you wish to download on their platform. Watch them offline anytime you wish to as your downloads will be saved in your account and can be accessed anytime.


Getting to watch your favourite Ghanaian movie is nice. With the drama, the suspense and the laughter you will get, it’s worth watching. It also helps to kill off boredom and you don’t need to waste time now that you know how to get to download and watch your favourite.

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