Top Tips And Checklist For Computer Maintenance

Taking care of the computer seems to be a bit difficult, and it is easier to find someone close that can help you maintain your computer.

There are lots of tips and checklists that can help you maintain your computer, and we are here to provide you with these top tips which can help you maintain your computer without stress. Before we proceed, let’s talk about maintaining a computer.

What does computer maintenance mean?

Computer maintenance means preserving laptops or computers so that they won’t develop faults quickly.

Maintaining a computer or laptop implies regular cleaning of the computer, updating the hard drives, and taking necessary precautions to prevent viruses. If you consistently clean your computer, it will help prolong its shelf life.

This will also help you save money that you will spend on replacing damaged parts of the computer.

Your computers are already prone to overheating and having dust, so following these steps will help reduce risk by making your computer work effectively. This article will guide you through the steps you should take weekly, daily, or monthly to keep it functioning.

How to do proper computer maintenance

Dust the keyboard properly.

 Do you know that your keyboard can be filthy if it is not maintained? It’s good you dust your keyboard at least every week. It would be best if you did not do this with a soaked cloth instead of a damp cloth.

Wipe your computer screen

Sometimes you might discover that your monitor or laptop screen has fingerprints on it or any other stain may be on it. To keep your screen clean, wipe it at least once every week. Do not apply pressure on the screen while cleaning, so you don’t get it damaged. It’s also possible for your computer to come with microfiber for cleaning.

Wipe dust and particles away from your mouse

It is also crucial for you to dust your mouse regularly, just like your keyboard. You can also use alcohol by soaking a little of it on a cloth and then using it to wipe the mouse. While brushing the mouse, unplug it from the socket, then place it upside down to easily remove dirt.

Reboot your computer often.

 For new computers, rebooting is vital because it helps refresh the system resources. An old computer doesn’t really require rebooting. It’s better you power off the device. You also need to maintain your hard drive, which is the most essential part of computer maintenance for durability.

Defragging your hard drive

This process is vital in maintaining your computer; defragging your hard drive once a month is excellent. While doing this, it breaks the files in your device into smaller bits.

Disk cleaning

You can free up your hard drive disk space, which can be done by running a disk clean-up. While carrying out this task, note that it will only clean temporary and extra language files.

Install computer updates

You should also keep your computer updated once a month. This needs to be done to keep your device applications running, and these updates are needed so your computer will last long.

Clear up the files in your browser

Clearing up the browser files can create some space in your device memory.

Removing unwanted files from your computer also depends on the kind of browser you use. For instance, if you use a Google Chrome browser, choose cleaning browser data from the option. This way, you will be able to clean the browser history.

Tidy up your devices cables

To keep your hardware, you also need to tidy up your cables organized. You can have many cables for different devices that can get damaged if not taken care of properly. Ensure you keep them neat, arranged, and safe so they won’t get damaged and then malfunction.

Since we have discussed the top list of maintaining your computer. Below is a table of the checklist you should follow consecutively.

Checklist for maintenance of your device

Computer Maintenance taskDailyWeeklyMonthlyEvery 3 to 6 months
Rebooting your device-   
Data backup   
Configure your start-up   
Update antivirus   
Major computer update   
Change your password   
Dust your keyboard   
Clear your trash   
Delete temporary internet files   
Move the files to cloud   

Final Thoughts

Now you know the importance of maintaining your computers and the top list you should follow. Ensure you carry out all that is required to keep your device in good shape for long.

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