Top VLC Skins You Can Use To Make Your VLC More Beautiful

The VLC Media Player is one of the best and most popular media players in the world for macOS, Linus, and Windows. The reason why the VLC Media Player is preferred to the other media players is the interactive User Interface (UI).

Because the developers of the VLC Media Player knew you might be fed up with their boring interface. They developed it in such a way that it supports custom skins, known as VLC skins.

The custom VLC skins are used to change the appearance of the VLC Media Player to the preference of the user. All you need to do is to download the skin and you good to go with the look of your VLC Media Player.

There are over thousands of VLC skins available on the internet for VLC media player users. Unfortunately, users with macOS will not able to download and apply the VLC skin on their VLC Media Player.

Since there are several VLC skins available on the internet, finding the right one could be very difficult and tedious. To release the burden on you, I have compiled a list of some of the best.

Thus, in this article, I am going to show you the top VLC skins you can use to make your VLC more beautiful.

Top VLC Skins You Can Use To Make Your VLC More Beautiful

Slim Beam

The Slim Beam skin for the VLC Media Player is the ideal fit for persons who love minimal customization. This skin is very clean for the VLC Media Player and provides users with additional customization.

Unlike most other VLC skins, the Slim Beam skin for the VLC Media Player comes in two (2) different versions depending on what you like. The two (2) available versions are the dark and light versions.


YouTube is known to be one of the best video streaming platforms in the world. As such, it generates a huge amount of traffic every day from users around the world.

Due to that, the developers of the YT VLC skin brought the entire YouTube User Interface (UI) to the VLC Media Player. The developers of the YT VLC skin made it open-source so if you are a developer, you can add your own features to it.

Unfortunately, the YT VLC skin does not have some features like playlist, Fullscreen, and EQ. Also, this skin doesn’t have a lot of features but is one of the best.

Alienware Darkstar

Alienware Darkstar is one of the highly-rated VLC skins in the world; and as such, is one of the popular VLC skins. For people who love science and fiction, this skin is going to be the best fit for you.

According to the developers, the theme was inspired by the Alienware’s UI, a subsidiary of Dell that builds gaming laptops and PCs. The interface of Alienware is love at first sight.

Transformers Skin

Just as the name suggests, Transformers Skin is inspired by the transformers movies. As such, if you are die-hard fun then I will advise you to download this VLC skin.

By default, the Transformers Skin VLC skin supports the Playlists and Equalizer features.

Destroy VLC

Apart from the Alienware Darkstar, the Destroy VLC skin is one of the most downloaded themes on the VLC Skins library. One of the reasons it is one of the downloaded is the elegant look it comes with.

It has dark player blue accents that have been blended elegantly to suit your preference. As soon as you download this skin, you will thank me for recommending it to you.


For those of us who love our stuff as simple as possible, the Orion skin for VLC Media Player is the preferred choice. This skin is very easy to use and minimal at the same time.

It has the playlist and equalizer features which even makes it more interesting and fun. Orion comes in a dark version with a blue blended accent.


I hope this article was helpful and that you were able to find some of the top VLC skins available on the internet. As usual, we at provide you with nothing but the best in terms of information and as such have given you some of the best recommendations.

For you to know the best skins to go for, you can try each of the skins included in this article and then choose your preferred one.

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