Transferwise: How To Receive Money From Outside To Ghana

Getting money transferred to you from Outside Ghana to Ghana is one of the most difficult things for most people to do.

Transferring money from Europe, America or any other part of the world straight to Ghana has not been easy. Most of the services available take a lot of time to reflect the money in the accounts of owners.

Some also require lots of third parties and may end up reducing the volume of money that arrives in the receiver’s account at the end of the day.

In this article, We’ll take a look at an app which ensures easy and reliable transfer of money from any foreign country to Ghana.

What Is Transfer Wise?

Transferwise is a global financial technology (fin tech) company which provides people the opportunity to send money outside their jurisdiction while maintaining the real exchange rate at the time of sending and also with a very minimal cost.

How To Send Money Using Transferwise

1. Register for a free account. To register for a free account, follow the steps below:

a. Enter transfer wise website and click “register”

b. Select “Personal” for a personal account or “Business” for a business account. For the sake of this tutorials, select “personal”.

c. Enter your email address in the space provided for that.

d. Create a password

e. Select the country you reside in currently from the list of countries under the “Country of residence” tab.

f. Click on “sign up”

g. Your account should be opened in a few seconds.

2. Click on send money on your user dashboard.

3. Choose the currency and amount which you want to send under the “You send” box.

4. Select from the list of three transfer fees, the one that best works for you depending on how fast you want the money to be sent and the kind of transfer you wish to make.

5. Select the currency in which you want the recipient to receive the money. Eg. USD, EUR etc.

6. You’ll see the date of receiving below the “recipient gets” box.

7. Click on continue.

8. Select the mode of transfer. In this case select “Personal”

9. Enter your full legal first name and middle names in the first box.

10. Enter your full legal last name in the next box.

11. Select your date of birth and enter your phone number.

12. Enter your address and click continue.

13. Select the person you’re sending the money to. In this case, select “Someone else”

14. Enter the email address of the receiver

15. Enter the full account name of the receiver.

16. If you know the owner’s account number, Tick the box beneath with “I know their bank details” and enter the IBAN account number of the person. If not, just leave the box empty. The company will send an email to the person requesting for their bank details in your name.

17. Click on confirm.

18. Upload a proof of your identity (Passport or license)

19. Click “start” to verify.

20. Review all your details and click continue.

21. Select your payment method and confirm.

22. Your money should be sent.

With transferwise’ android and iOS applications available on both google playstore and Apple App Store respectively, you can easily manage your money transfers and keep record of all your transactions.

Conclusion: Despite the huge number of money transfer apps around, transferwise is a perfect solution for all international money transfer situations since it provides the best rates and charges. While sending an amount of 1, 000 British pounds, one gets to pay either 3.95 or 6.5 GBP as the charge and a mid-market exchange rate too. Also, transferwise is trusted by over 6 million customers with over 13 physical offices across the world and over 5 billion euros sent every single month by users. With these, you should definitely use transferwise on your next money transfer. I hope this article was helpful to you. If you know of any other money transfer apps or if you have any comments to

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