Tricks that MTN Mobile Money Fraudsters use to steal/hack your money

As mobile money becoming more popular and widely used by Ghanaians, fraudsters on the other hand, are finding new ways and ideas to steal money from mobile money subscribers.

Ttricks that MTN mobile money fraudsters use

Intentionally sending you a message that your mobile money account is locked

This is what they do, you will first receive a text message from a random number telling you your account is blocked and then within a few minutes you will receive a call from them.

Here is the trick, when this fraudster calls you, he will pretend to be a mobile money merchant and has mistakenly sent money to you which was supposed to be sent to someone.

Then the fraudster will continue saying he was afraid you might withdraw the money and that’s why he reported your number for them to block so that you will not be able to withdraw the money.

He will then ask you if you have seen a message like that, definitely you will confirm that you have received a message like that and after that this fraudster will tell you to hold on for him to call the mobile money customer care for them to unblock your number.

Within minutes you will hear this fraudster acting like he is calling the mobile money customer care, someone will pick acting like working in the mobile money office.

The fraudster will narrate the same story to his fraud partner on the phone pretending to be talking from the telco mobile money office.

What he will do is that this man pretending to be talking from the mobile money office will tell you to follow some steps in other to unblock your account.

If you follow the steps, you will later see your account drained as all the procedures they will take you through is not to unblock your account but for them to gain access to your mobile money account and drain it.

Send you a spammy message

This is another trick that these mobile money fraudsters use.

You will receive a message telling you that you have won a mobile phone, television or cash prize and to confirm or claim your gift call this number.

The fraudster will wait for you to call and if you do not call, he will call you and tell you before you can get what you won you need to follow some procedure.

What he will do is that he will tell you to dial some shortcodes and if you don’t hang up the call and stop following him, he will withdraw all the money in your account.

Calls you that your son or daughter has been admitted to the hospital and needs money for blood

I remember receiving such, call here is how they do it, you will receive a call and when you answer it, this man will tell you that your son has been involved in an accident and he has taken your child to the hospital.

He will continue saying your child is on the verge of dying and the doctor is saying your child needs blood urgently.

If he sees that he has gotten your full attention, then he will tell you he is giving the phone to the doctor.

When the supposed doctor collects the phone, he will tell you that you need to send a certain amount urgently for him to buy blood for your child or else your child might die.

What should you do when you receive a fraud MTN Mobile Money Call?

Maybe you might have a child and you might not be with him or her at that time, first tell the person on the phone that you will want to call him back.

If your child is in school, call to confirm that he or she is safe, call home to ask if your child is safe and if you find out your child is safe, please call the mobile money customer care and report the number


Fraudsters in Ghana and elsewhere are every day finding new tricks just to steal money from people, the best thing to do in other to be safe is to stop paying attention to spammy messages and calls.

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