Tricks to get more matches on tinder right now

Dating sites are amazing and exciting platforms, honestly, but it’s no news that they can be exhausting in some aspects, though – aspects like getting more matches.

Sometimes you match with people you find very attractive and wish you match them, but you might wait for a long time or sometimes forever because they might never match you. Sometimes it’s not because they don’t like you.

It might simply be because your profile was never even on her feeds to swipe. You might think it’s impossible to take care of that problem. What if I tell you there’s a way to get more matches on tinder and swipe right on the people who have swiped right for you too.

There are a few tricks to it. After telling you these tricks, you would realize that they were all just right in front of you. 

You need to be very creative with your profile

Every human has a specific type they get attracted to. The words you put on your profile should be inviting. You can choose to be creative with a poem or lyrics of a song.

The words you say are going to draw the person. As a lady, you can put something like “ I’m gonna love you anyway, babe” on your profile. That’s going to get whoever is going to see your profile intrigued, so he’s going to swipe right and love to see more of you.

You might get a swipe from any man who sees your profile with a line. One of the tricks I encourage every guy to use when it comes to words is very simple. As men, we all know women love attention and love to be around their men a lot.

So to make a lady on tinder feel like you’re worth a chance, you need to tell her something she wants to hear. So as a man on fuel, you should put “I love clingy women” on your profile. What’s else would a woman love more than the fact that her man loves the fact that she loves attention.

These are simple tricks for both men and women on tinder to use and get more matches. 

Work on your appearance in your pictures

Looks matter a lot on dating platforms. People need to like what they see.

You should make an effort to put on a smile on your pictures. You look nice when you smile. So smile in your pictures. Also, you need to “kill” with the dressing.

Don’t go and do any mismatch dressing. Nothing too extra. You shouldn’t make it look like you’re trying too much but make sure you post a picture in which you dressed well.

This is because people easily lose interest when it comes to cases of dressing. Women should also try not to make too much effort to post where they show more cleavages of their bodies. Having pictures showing cleavages on your phones is normal, but posting them on your dating platform profile might end up doing a lot of damage.

This is because some men might see you for just your body if you show them that. But you smile in a picture not showing any cleavages; their attention is going to be on your pretty smiling face and will swipe right to see more of it.

Your picture should tell a lot. It should make the person feel like, ohh, he’s rasta is nice, or he has a nice beard. Or post a picture of you and your pets. What do you know?

There might be a few people who also love pets and will love to swipe right for the love of your pets. 

You can try tinder premium

Tinder premium comes with a lot of enjoyment.

You can see who swiped right for you, and if you’re interested, you can also swipe right for that person. On tinder premium, you can swipe right to as many people as you want and change your location to any you want, and swipe people from anywhere you want. 

The Facebook algorithm is also a very good trick. It’s very easy, as all account syncs work. Let’s say you like an “amine or cartoons” page on Facebook.

Tinder will match you with people who also like the “anime” page. Yeah, so the person might be like, “oh, you love animes too? That’s so cool,” and that’s how your conversation will start after the match. 

Use the app frequently

Making an effort to use the app more also helps in getting more matches. You can’t expect that you open the app casually sometimes when you’re bored.

You need to try and be frequent on the app and swipe more on people you find attractive. You can’t expect to get more matches when you come online a few times and swipe just a couple of times and be done. 


Tinder is an interesting dating platform that I urge anyone trying to find some love online to try out. It doesn’t end at trying out the platform.

Getting more matches also matters a lot. Working on your profile and appearance in your pictures is most important. If you feel all this is a lot for you, you can try out tinder premium and enjoy a VIP experience where you can see who swiped right for you and swipe right for them too if you like them. 

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