5 Things To Look Out For When Buying A New Tv in Ghana

Buying a new TV set can be confusing and time-wasting especially if you are someone who doesn’t know much about electronic gadgets. With the invention of smart TV and the introductions of the new TV brands in the system, a lot of people find it difficult to make the best choice when buying a new TV set.

As an electronic device lover and a writer on this topic, a lot of our readership always wants to know what they should look for when buying new TV sets.

Because of the rise in the demand for this topic, we then decide to write this article to educate our readers and everyone who is looking to buy a new TV set the 5 things they should always look for when buying a new TV set.

In this post, we will be discussing the five features to look for when buying a new TV set. So without much, I do, let’s go straight and look at these five things.

Screen Resolution

The screen resolution of a TV set matters most these days especially if you are looking for better-looking pictures. Today a lot the TV sets are moving from HDTVs to Ultra HD sets also called 4K. TV’s with 4K models screen has four times the number of pixels the HDTV screens. The main advantage of 4K TVs is that small objects on the screen have more detail, including sharper text and images.

When buying a new tv set one should try not to buy smart tv with less than 4K models screen. But this will also depend on the buyer’s budget. Of course, you should not expect the 4K ultra price to be the same as HDTVs price. More pixels transform into sharper pictures and better details, so higher resolution is (almost always) better.

Refresh Rate

The rate per seconds at which a TV set picture refreshed on the screen is what is term as refresh rate. This is measured in Hertz (Hz). The standard refresh rate is 60 times per second or 60 Hz. A low refresh rate can make things look blurry.

To create a more solid picture, manufacturers doubled the refresh rate to 120 Hz (and in some cases up to 240 Hz). Tv sets with a higher refresh rate should e considered when buying a new set.

HDMI and Connections

Another feature that we can talk of is the HDMI and Connections a TV set has. If you wish to connect speakers, decoder and a game console then you should pay attention to the number of HDMI inputs a smart TV set has.

Some smart TVs have a few HDMI inputs which make it difficult to connect more gadgets to the TV at a go. Also, make sure the set’s ports support HDMI 2.0 in other to accommodate future Ultra HD sources. Choose a television with at least 4 HDMI ports available.


HDR, which stands for High Dynamic Range is a new feature found in most 4K Ultra HD TV sets. It adds extra colours, contrast levels and increased brightness in the new set. Today it is advisable to buy an HDR TV set if available as that format seems to be gaining popularity.

With a growing number of HDR shows, quite a number of new movies in the new 4K Blu-ray disc format are available via streaming services, like Amazon Prime and Netflix.

Contrast Ratio

Contrast ratio has to do with the range of brightness levels a set can display. TVs set with better contrast ratios display more hues and shadows when buying a new tv set, it is advisable to test this feature and see how a TV displays shadow detail using a dark scenes movie and seeing how well it reveals movie detail in the shadows.

Also make sure to measure the TV’s brightness, sharpness and other picture settings before making a final decision to purchase the TV set.


Arriving at a decision to buy a new TV set is not all that easy but when you consider the above-listed features you can save yourself the confusion and the headache that most people go through before making a decision which sometimes still turned out to be a wrong one.

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