Twitter Spaces: How to start and grow your Audience

There are many social media platforms today, and they have different functions but can serve the same purpose.

One amongst all that we would discuss is Twitter.

The Twitter platform has been functioning for some years now. A unique feature of this social media platform is the Twitter Space.

What Are Twitter Spaces?

Twitter Spaces is a new function on Twitter which permits users to enjoy live audio chats. This is done on the Twitter app, and many individuals have enjoyed using it ever since it was launched. This feature enables users to join a conversation as though it is real, and you can easily invite users to a chat for conversation.

Twitter has one of the most significant number of users. If you are thinking of starting your business on this platform is not a bad idea. Reaching a wide range of people on Twitter is possible, and it will profit you.

Now you might be thinking, how can you use Twitter Spaces to grow your business? What steps should you take to help you get lots of audience on your Twitter Space?

There are many possibilities for marketers to sell their products on Twitter Space. This feature permits you to reach lots of people and communicate with them, and it also allows you to decide who will be a part of the conversation.

Now that you know about the Twitter Space let’s talk about how you can start and grow your audience.

Let’s begin.

Get Started by Opening a Twitter Space Account

Before you can grow your audience on Twitter Space, you need to open a Twitter account. To run a Twitter Space, it’s paramount for you to have at least about 600 real followers on your Twitter account.

Without having a large number of followers on your Twitter account, you won’t be able to use the benefits of the Twitter Space features.

Create awareness of Your Twitter Space on Your Twitter Page and Other Platforms

Opening a Twitter Space account is not enough, and you also have to create awareness of the Twitter Space on another platform. When you successfully open the account, it becomes easy for you to reach millions of people globally at the same time.

Once this is done, you will gradually get lots of audiences on your platform.

Lots of social media users love trending news. If you can get this information continually updated on your Twitter Space, you will get many audiences.

With Twitter Space, you can eat hear from the audience by hosting sessions that will allow them to talk.

The multi-speaker function on the Twitter Space can make it easy for you to interact freely with your audience. In doing so, you can hear different opinions and their ideas on whatever is discussed. This will help you grow your audience and business in the long run.

Sharing of Videos or Resource

This is another way of keeping your audience busy and making your Twitter Space forum lively. You can post videos, articles, or any other resources which will interest your audience.

After every session with your audience, remember to close every session.

Ensure you get Feedback from Your Audience

You can never predict or conclude if your audience loves your product. For this reason, you should create sessions for questions and answers with them.

You can ask for feedback from your customers if you are into business. This feedback from customers who frequently use your products can help increase your sales on Twitter Space. As a business owner, the feedback or insights you get from your customers will boost your sales, and this is one of the best ways to grow your audience without stressing yourself.

Twitter Space will help give you a platform to listen to your audience, know their minds, and help you serve them better.


With the unique functions in Twitter Spaces, you will take your Twitter marketing strategy to another phase.

Now that you have an idea of how Twitter Space works, you can start yours right away with fascinating topics!

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