Can You Use Telegram To Earn Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has become a leading global trend – thanks to the massive price hike it has seen in the past 3 years.

Now, everyone – irrespective of their age, nationality or gender has one way or the other heard of Bitcoin.

Many people are now certain that Bitcoin is one of the fastest investment vehicles for quickly doubling one’s money.

As usual, once something seems to be gaining attention, the space around it gets choked with fictionalized and fake information and programs.

So now, it is difficult to identify and confirm true Bitcoin investments which promise you some good returns.

One of the latest trends in the Bitcoin world is ‘Mining bitcoin through Telegram bots’. If you’re an active Telegram user, you’re likely to have come across adverts of that nature, promoting a Telegram bot Bitcoin Mining program.

So, the big question is: can you earn bitcoin on Telegram through bots?

Well, if this question is your main reason for being here, then you’ll definitely enjoy this article. And it’s very sure to give you satisfaction by the time you get to the final words.

Sit tight and keep scrolling for more details on this.

What Is Bitcoin Mining?

Bitcoin mining is the process of confirming bitcoin transactions on the blockchain in order to earn some volume of bitcoin.

Bitcoin operates on the principle of one-time usage. Meaning, every individual is expected to spend a certain bitcoin once only. This is to prevent the possibility of people creating copies of the digital currency and spending them as they wish.

So, to prevent this, there are people (miners) who solve complex Mathematical problems (hashes) to confirm every single bitcoin transaction before it goes through finally.

These miners use huge computers with high specifications to confirm and complete these transactions.

It’s even impossible to use a personal computer to mine now, due to the difficulty of bitcoin mining. In fact, the difficulty level increases almost every two weeks.

Within the last 9 years, the difficulty level has increased by over 1 trillion per cent.

So you see? It’s not an easy thing. The devices used for mining cost from at least 3,000 GHS and above. The higher your device specs, the better your chances of earning any bitcoin.

Can You Mine Bitcoin Using Telegram Bots?

The simplest answer to this question is NO! You can never mine Bitcoin using Telegram bots.

In fact, Telegram bots are not that powerful to even attempt confirming any order on the blockchain.

It’ll take more than 200 years for you to even earn 0.00001 BTC using a telegram bot (that’s if it can even do so at all).

So, no! You can’t mine bitcoin with a bot on any social media platform – including Telegram.

Is Telegram Bot Mining Legit or a Scam?

There is no volume of legitimacy in the claim that Telegram bots can be used to mine bitcoin.

As such, this only leaves one result – it’s a scam! Need I add that it’s a big scam at that?

Quite frankly, whenever you see such posts on Telegram asking you to invest in mining bots which offers you between 1% to 7% daily, just close your app and run as fast as you can.

And oh, the screenshots you see attached to such posts? No. They aren’t what you think they are. It’s possibly the same person sending funds from one wallet to the other and trying to convince you that it’s a payment to a client account.

If you give this a try, you’d realize that after making an initial payment to take part in the bot mining, more tricks will follow.

When it’s time for you to receive your first payout, you’ll either be asked to send the link to about 10 different people and provide a screenshot. Or, you’ll be asked to do some other insane things.

After these, when you finally think your Bitcoin wallet is about to boom, well, there’s one more trick. You’ll be asked to pay the transaction fee in advance before your BTC is sent to you.

Another payment? Yes! Another one. And if you make this payment, you’ll keep making it over and over again until you’re drained. So just stay away!


Bitcoin is a great Goldmine founded by Satoshi Nakamoto. Many people have discovered how valuable this crypto asset is and are dying to gain some volume of it in their wallets.

As is the case with most valuables, many unscrupulous people are also taking advantage of this to create some fake programs and products to dupe other people.

One of such scams is the Bitcoin Telegram mining bot. It is completely fake and does not provide what it promises.

If you ever come across it, your first move is to run away as fast as you can and stay in your lane.

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