How to Verify BVN Details Online & with USSD in Nigeria

The Bank Verification Number (BVN) is an important code that’s vital for anyone who owns a bank account in Nigeria. it was introduced into the country in the year 2014 and has become extremely common when the central bank of Nigeria(CBN) ordered all banks to block any account without a BVN in the year 2015.

The BVN is only 11 digits, that remain constant regardless of all the accounts you’ve got with any bank(s). It’s connected to any or all your accounts and is accepted in all banks. 

BVN was introduced to scale back the speed of stealing and hiding. it’s additionally helpful for finishing up transactions within the bank or on-line. thence there’s the requirement to perpetually have the code handy.

There are alternative ways by which you’ll be able to check you BVN just in case you misplaced it or cannot get access to it at any moment.

You can simply get your BVN code on your smartphone. This is often a very simple methodology as there’s no class of phones you can’t use as long as the phone can send and receive text messages.

Verifying your BVN Online

It is feasible to verify BVN details on-line without involving your Bank in any way.

The Nigerian Inter-Bank Settlement System PLC, NIBSS has made it attainable for Nigerian Banks customers that have completed the mandatory BVN registration to validate BVN details online.

The BVN Validation Portal by NIBSS has been created to retrieve or validate your BVN records on-line without been stressed. If you aim to see your BVN Name, sign, address, or validate alternative BVN records, this post would guide you through.

Follow the procedures stated below to verify your Bank Verification Number online:

There are some details that you simply need to provide, to prove that you are the owner of the BVN, one of this information is your BVN and your Date of Birth. 

Secondly, you’ll additionally get to have your ATM card handy to pay the 25NGN process fee.

If you’ve got all the requirements requested, then you can proceed to verify your BVN details.

Checking your BVN with USSD Code

This doesn’t need a web connection and it works on all networks, which include, Glo, MTN, Airtel, and 9mobile (Etisalat). With this code, you can quickly check out your BVN whenever you forget or can’t access it.

  • Make sure you try this on the line you registered your BVN with.
  • Ensure you have up to 20naira on your active line 
  • Simply dial *565*0# on your phone. 
  • this would bring your BVN regardless of the bank or network you are using.

Some banks also have specific codes to assist their customers to get the BVN code.

  • For GTB account holders, dial *737*6*1#.


Note that; nobody will access funds in your account by simply having your BVN details; however, image your BVN as an entranceway to your finances and never post your BVN on public forums, social media and you shouldn’t give it to just anyone, app or entity you can’t trust.

If anyone calls you on the phone or sends you an email/text, requesting for your BVN and you’re having doubts, reach our bank/financial customer service and get them notified, you can equally ignore them, as they are more likely to be fraudsters/scammers.

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