Verve partners GhIPSS to introduce verve cards in Ghana

Verve, a leading Pan-African card brand has extended it’s reach to Ghana. They made this possible by partnering the Ghana Interbank Payment and Settlement Systems Limited (GhIPSS).

Verve allows its users to make transactions in 185 countries around the globe with 22 African countries with Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria, Gabon, all included.

CEO of Verve International, Mike Ogbalu III, made it known that Verve and GhIPSS have a common vision of growing digital payment in Ghana. “We are excited about this occasion. It marks the beginning of a great collaboration between two organizations with similar aspirations to drive the growth of digital payments across Africa. Because we typically share the same payment and economic challenges in various African countries, it’s also logical that the solution should be made through an African collaboration. In our attempt to solve these challenges, we realize the importance of partnerships. We also realize that GhIPSS’ vision for Ghana is consistent with that of verve, to drive the growth of digital payment in Africa. So today, we are witnessing the commencement of partnerships between Verve International and the Ghanaian financial and payment ecosystem, to grow digital payments, intra-African trade and ultimately drive economic prosperity.” He said.

Archie Hesse, CEO of GhIPSS said the partnership will help develop the digital payment systems in Ghana just as it has started making digital payment systems in Africa in the world. He said, “we are excited to collaborate with Verve International and to midwife Verve acceptance in Ghana. We are positive this will open a new vista of opportunities for improved services and development of more home-grown solutions. The card portfolio within our banks will increase and Ghanaian cardholders will have more exciting world-class services and benefits to enjoy. Together, GhIPSS and Verve will develop the digital payment ecosystem across the sub-region and beyond.”

Verve’s first International transaction using the new card, Verve Card Global was launched in Swarovski, New York.

The Cards, Verve Classic and Verve Global will be accepted as a mode of transaction across Ghana.

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