VIP Parcel Service: How it Works, Official Contacts & Safety Tips

Package delivery has come far since its conception, but how does VIP Parcel Service work? Why does it exist, and how can you use it to your advantage? Find out everything you need to know in this article.

What is VIP Parcel service?

VIP parcel service a courier service company duly registered in 2014 and regulated by the Postal and Courier Services Regulatory Commission of Ghana. The company is currently the fastest, most reliable, cost effective and efficient means of sending and receiving parcels across several locations in Ghana.

How does vip parcel service works?

The VIP parcel service is a means of sending parcels via VIP buses quickly from their origin location to destinations. It’s a simpler, cheaper alternative for consumers who need their goods delivered on time. With this service, items can be tracked online. Packages are delivered as soon as they’re scanned by a courier at the terminal.

Is VIP parcel service a scam?

Many people often ask whether VIP Parcel Service is a scam. They are afraid they will send their valuables somewhere only to have them never make it back. The good news is that the company has taken steps to make sure that doesn’t happen. The service is real and not a scam.

How to be safe with VIP parcel service

VIP parcel service is legit and with any legit businesses, there are third parties who tries to make bad money out of careless or unsuspecting individuals. Below are some few things to note when dealing with VIP parcel service in order to be on the safer side.

  • Go directly to the terminal authorities to give out your sending information and make the necessary payment.
  • Never make payment to any third party either than the right sources.
  • If possible, make sure your packages are given to the VIP bus driver before leaving the Station.
  • Provide correct details on the parcel you are delivering so that you can be contacted incase of any misfortunes.

VIP Parcel Service Contact details

  • Vipex Parcels Office (Yaa Ataah Arcade) Anloga Junction – Kumasi Phone: +233204353512
  • VIP JEOUN Bus Terminal Circle – Accra Phone: +233204353513
  • VIP JEOUN Bus Terminal Asafo – Kumasi Phone: +233204353512
  • VIP Transport Terminal Sunyani Phone: +233540305280


Sending parcel from one place to the other has been made easier with VIP parcel service. Unlike the olden days you have to pass through alot to do such. With VIP parcel in existence, your parcel can be safely delivered without you having to worry about it. Just take them to the bus terminal point, make the necessary payment and wait for them to be safely delivered.

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