Vodafone is celebrating 10 years in Ghana; Here is how to Enjoy free calls today

Enjoy 10 hours of FREE calls to all Vodafone numbers today, 1st July 2018 from 6 am to 4 pm.

For a lot of Ghanaians, 1st July is Republic Day and just that.

However, Vodafone Ghana seems to just concentrate on their 10th Anniversary and reward their customers with 10 hours of free calls.

You remember a few days ago, Vodafone gave 2 hours of free calls and said a big surprise was coming on the 1st of July.

Well, today is the day and Vodafone is giving all subscribers free Vodafone to Vodafone calls till 4 pm.

All you need to do is dial a Vodafone number and start talking now till 4 pm.

Although this seems like a great thing, a lot of Vodafone subscribers are on Vodafone X and they already enjoy free X to X calls to the people who matter to them.

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One of my friends actually told me as a Vodafone Subscriber, he would have appreciated it more if the offer came in the form of free browsing or data bundles.

However, the 10th anniversary is not yet over, and Vodafone might as well drop another surprise, as indicated by the text messages subscribers received. We wait to see.

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