Vodafone Ekiki Mi Promotion: Two Tips to make the best out of it

The Vodafone Ekiki mi Promotion, which was launched on 15th August 2017 is a credit multiplier service by Vodafone Ghana that allows 3 people to use one recharge card 3 times at the price of one. The first individual uses the credit by dialling *134# while the next two dial *135# to load.

For a lot of people on the Vodafone X Plan and Vodafone users in general, the Ekiki mi Promotion might not be particularly useful. This is because:

  • The Vodafone X Plan allows you to already make calls to all your friends on Vodafone X. This means, you can not use the Ekiki mi Promotion bonus to call them.
  • Vodafone X bundles will have to be totally exhausted before you can use your Ekikimi bonus.
  • The bonus lasts less than 48 hours. The day of activating and the day after that.
This is how to activate the Vodafone Ekiki Mi Promotion
This is how to activate the Vodafone Ekiki Mi Promotion

Tips to make the best use of Vodafone Ekiki Mi Promotion

  1. Load your Vodafone Ekiki Mi on a sim that does not have Vodafone X activated on it
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When you do this, your Ekiki Mi bonus is not affected in any way. You can use your bonus to browse and make calls. For a lot of people that use Vodafone Ekiki Mi, this strategy works best. You use your Ekiki mi bonus freely without any restrictions to browser and call.

  1. Load your Vodafone Ekiki Mi in daily intervals

This is a bit tricky. When Mr A loads a credit, Mr B should top up within three (3) days of Mr A’s topping up, failure to do so renders the card invalid. The Ekiki mi bonus also lasts less than 48 hours. However, it will be useless to completely waste the bonus so you should load the bonus in intervals. Supposing you have two “10 GHS” Ekiki Mi vouchers, you can load the first one on day 1 and the second on day 2 to extend your bonus time

The Vodafone Ekiki Mi promotion was supposed to end on 13th October 2017 at 23:59:59 GM but this was extended due to high patronage of the service. Make good use of it while it lasts.

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