Vodafone Ekiki Mi Promo: How 5 People can use 1 recharge card 5 times

Vodafone Ekikimi: What is it?

Vodafone Ekiki Mi is a credit multiplier service by Vodafone Ghana that allows 3 people to use one recharge card 3 times at the price of one. The first individual uses the credit by dialling *134# while the next two dial *135# to load. However, with Vodafone Cash credit loads, up to 5 people can use the same recharge card 5 times.

The Vodafone Ekikimi promo was launched by Vodafone Ghana on Tuesday, August 15, 2017
The Vodafone Ekikimi promo was launched by Vodafone Ghana on Tuesday, August 15, 2017

How to Subscribe to Vodafone Ekiki Mi in Ghana (Update: December 2017)

The Ekikimi promo by Vodafone Ghana does not require any form of subscription. However, these are the steps to follow to enjoy the service. As of December 2017, start from point number 4.

  1. Buy a Vodafone Scratch Card
  2. Load the airtime using the code *134*pin#
  3. Give the same scratch card to two friends
  4. Load your Vodafone Airtime with Vodafone Cash
  5. You will receive a message with a pin after a successful load.
  6. Share the message with your friends.
  7. Have them load the credit using the code *135*pin# (also provided in the message)
  8. They also get to enjoy the credit as a bonus top up
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The Vodaofne Ekiki Mi Promo in Sunyani
The Vodafone Ekiki Mi Promo in Sunyani

The Vodafone Ekikimi campaign has hit Tamale, Sunyani and other major cities in the early hours of Tuesday, 15th August 2017. For those who are wondering if it works, yes it does. There have been a lot of testimonials by some twitter users.

Will you jump on #VodafoneEkikimi offer? Well, you don’t lose when you try it. I’m definitely going on a “Vodafone Used Vouchers Hunt”. Remember, Just dial *134* to load a recharge card and two of your friends can dial *135* to also load for the same amount. It’s #VodafoneEkikiMi


The next two who load the credit after the first person will receive the same amount of credit loaded but as an Ekikimi bonus. This credit can not be used to bundle or subscribe to other Vodafone Ghana services.

Stuff worth mentioning about the Vodafone Ekiki Mi Promotion (More Information)

  • The Vodafone “Ekiki Mi” promotion started on 15th August 2017 at 00:00:01 GMT and will end on 13th October 2017 at 23:59:59 GMT (The Promo was further extended and as at the time of updating this article, it only applied to Vodafone Cash Recharges)
  • The bonus airtime to be enjoyed by the two other parties can only be topped up using *135*pin#
  • The bonus airtime to be enjoyed by the two other parties can only be used for on-net voice calls and data PAYG (Pay As You Go)
  • After the initial top-up, the other parties using the *135*pin# should top up within three (3) days of Party A topping up, failure to do so renders the card invalid.
  • To enjoy the offer, the recharge amount has to be GHS 2 and above.
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