Vodafone Ghana is launching Express Wi-Fi by Facebook in Ghana

Vodafone Ghana is set to launch Express Wi-Fi by Facebook in underserved areas across the country.

Express Wi-Fi is a program that helps retail entrepreneurs to offer fast and affordable Wi-Fi services at hotspots spread across their communities. Express Wi-Fi is deployed in countries including India, Kenya, Indonesia, Nigeria and Tanzania.

The project serves as an extension of Vodafone Ghana’s strategy to ignite a digital revolution in Ghana by leaving no one behind.

The technology is available on Wi-Fi enabled devices. Customers need to connect to any available Vodafone Express Wi-Fi hotspot within Accra.

Some connected communities include Nima, James Town, Kanda, Pig Farm, Abossey Okine and many others.

Additionally, customers can also purchase Express Wi-Fi data packs from a branded & accredited Vodafone Express Wi-Fi Retailers in these communities.

How to connect and use ExpressWi-Fi

Connecting to the Vodafone Express Wifi service is very simple. Go through the processes below to enjoy fast, affordable internet in your community.

Put on your Wi-fi on your smart device (phone, laptop, tablet, etc.) and connect to Vodafone Express Wi-Fi hotspot in any Express wifi connected community.

The Vodafone Express Wi-Fi portal will automatically open, which you will have to input your mobile number (either Vodafone or any other networks)

An SMS will be sent to the mobile number, which, the customer would use to log onto the internet to proceed to browse.

Every first-time user will enjoy a jumpstart data of 100MB and can purchase data from as low as GHS1.

Visit the nearest branded and accredited Vodafone Expresswifi Retailer in your community to purchase the affordable data packs.

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