New Year! Vodafone increases the price of X Monthly Plan by 25%

Vodafone X turned 4 years last November and it looks to be a bundle package whose popularity will not dwindle anytime soon, especially among the youth.

Ever since its introduction, Vodafone X has evolved from just a social friendly bundle package to a group of packages suitable for almost every person’s needs.

Well, the Vodafone X Monthly plan, by far the most popular among all the monthly plans have had a revision of price.

The plan which used to cost GHS 11.99 will now cost GHS 14.99 starting today, 4th January 2019.

Initially, it was thought that all the other Vodafone X Plans will have their prices revised but it appears this isn’t so.

The new price has not been updated on Vodafone’s official X website, however, and attempt to bundle via *5888# shows that the new pricing is active.

It is not known why the price for just the X Monthly offer has been increased. However, it could be Vodafone’s own way to encourage more people to try out the X Monthly Plus offer which currently stands at just GHS 15.99.

Check out a list of all the current Vodafone X Plans, their prices and caps.

With news that Vodafone Subscribers will soon enjoy 4G, some have stipulated that increased tariffs at this point are just normal.

What do you think about the price increase? Let’s hear you out.

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