Vodafone Kasatenten: How to Enjoy Free Call After the 1st Minute

Vodafone has in these past years proved to care for their customers by providing several offers for them. Some of these offers range from data offers, SMS offers, and other voice packages and now Kasatenten.

As a result of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, most people are now at home and use more data and call credits. Most of the people use them to work from home and also call their friends and loved ones.

Many telecommunication networks have introduced several packages as a relief for their customers in this COVID-19 pandemic era.

In view of this, Vodafone Ghana has also introduced the Vodafone Kasatenten offer to help its customers who use the call service to enjoy free calls after the first minute of their regular calls. They just need to pay for the first minute and the rest is free.

 What is Vodafone Kasatenten?

The Vodafone Kasatenten offer which literally translates “talk for long” is a call package which was introduced recently by Vodafone, that allows subscribed customers to talk to their relatives and loved ones throughout the day; whether day or night.

The only requirement is to pay for the first minute and enjoy the remaining minutes for free.

After you register for the Kasatenten offer, the cost of the first minute for each call you make is GH¢ 0.30 (30 pesewas) after which you enjoy the rest for free.

When you make on-net calls (calls to Vodafone numbers), you enjoy up to a maximum of an hour (60 minutes) worth of free call credit. Meaning, you will be allowed to talk to a Vodafone customer for a maximum of 60 minutes when you register for the offer and the preceding minutes will be charged from your primary mobile credit at normal charges.

Also, when you make off-net calls (calls to other networks), you enjoy up to 5 minutes worth of free call credit after paying for the first minute. Likewise, with the off-net calls also, any other minute after the 5 minutes will be charged at normal call rates.

How to Subscribe to the Vodafone Kasatenten Offer and Enjoy Free Call After The First Minute

The subscription process is a four (4) stage process. The steps are:

  • Dial *135#
  • Select “Activate Kasatenten” (option 1)
  • Press “1” to confirm
  • A confirmation screen be shown and a confirmation SMS will be sent to you via SMS

Now let’s take each step one after the other and explain briefly.

Dial *135#

As with all mobile packages/offers, you need a shortcode or USSD to activate it and with the Kasatenten package, the shortcode is *135#.

Regardless of your mobile phone type, you can dial the short code *135# and send.

Select “Activate Kasatenten” (option 1)

After dialling the shortcode, a welcome screen will show with “Welcome to Vodafone Kasatenten. Pay for the first minute and the rest of the call is FREE.

A menu with three (3) options will show up, you need to select option 1 i.e. Activate Kasatenten. The remaining options are not relevant in this context.

Press “1” to confirm

Once you select the option 1 from the welcome menu, a confirmation menu will be shown for you to confirm your subscriptions.

In case you agree to the terms that will be shown, then Press 1 on your phone and send. Otherwise, press 2 to cancel the subscription.

Please note that at this moment you haven’t subscribed yet and therefore any cancellation is not going to cost you anything.

A confirmation screen be shown and a confirmation message will be sent via SMS

When you’re done with your selection and you decide to continue, after pressing ‘1’ a confirmation screen will be shown indicating whether your subscription was successful or not.

Additionally, a confirmation message will be sent to you via SMS.

What Are The Limitations?

As the famous Chinese “yin-yang” symbol portrays, there’s no good without a bit of bad in it. Likewise, the Vodafone Kasa Tenten offer has its own limitations.

When you subscribe for the Kasa Tenten offer, you cannot subscribe to any other bundle hence, cannot enjoy the benefits of other bundles.

But, you can subscribe to the Kasatenten Offer and still activate data, SMS and IDD packages without any interruptions.

Who is eligible for Kasatenten?

The Kasatenten offer is available to all new and old customers of Vodafone. Therefore, if you are not on Vodafone but interested in the Kasatenten Offer, you can visit any Vodafone office, outlet or vendor nationwide with a valid National ID to buy a new sim card and enjoy this offer.


The introduction of the Vodafone Kasatenten is not the first of its kind in Ghana though, but it’s the first time Vodafone is bringing such offer onboard. It replicates MTN’s Nkomode Offer.

Considering the cost of call credits nowadays, the introduction of this offer is a good one, as it’s going to reduce the burden on other networks. The only concern people have raised is the fact that the period for the off-net calls is shorter and should be extended.

We’re all waiting for a response from Vodafone Ghana but until then, we have to enjoy what we have at the moment.

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