Vodafone X – A Comprehensive Guide to Bundle Plans and Subscribing

Vodafone X has been around for a long time now, evolving at great speed and impressing many on its voyage. Ever since I heard “Vodafone X” in the latter part of 2013, it has remained one of the best data plans in the country. In this post, we look at the whole “Vodafone X thing” and which plan may be best for us.

Who can use Vodafone X?

Vodafone X, in short, is a “group of youth-centred data plans by Vodafone Ghana”.

Vodafone X packages can be subscribed to by Ghanaian youth between the ages of 15 to 24. If you registered your Vodafone SIM with an ID that puts you below 15 years or above 24 years, you cannot register for the service. This makes sense on the part of Vodafone, especially as most of the people in the age bracket of 15 to 24 are active online and use data a lot more. This means that Vodafone X will give them the opportunity to do more when they pay less.

What happens when you are over 24 years?

As mentioned earlier, you cannot subscribe to any of the Vodafone X packages when you are over 24 years of age. If you are still interested in using Vodafone X even though you are above the age of 24, you could go buy the “already made Vodafone X sim cards”. For users who were already on Vodafone X before passing the 24-age limit, they shall not be affected and will continue to bundle and enjoy the Vodafone X packages so long as they remain active.

As of now, you can subscribe to Vodafone X regardless of your age.

The Vodafone X Plans

There are currently 10 very unique plans you can choose from. 4 of these plans have a duration of a month – and an indication that the monthly plans are very popular. Only one app – the X-treme Monthly Plus provides free app data for Snapchat. All of the plans, however, provide free app data for WhatsApp.

Check out the table below for full plan details:

Vodafone X PlansPrice Duration Browsing Data Free Apps Data Cap on Subscription Brought to you by Mfidie.com Quick Fix GHS 1.00 1 Day 50 MB 25 MB - WhatsApp - Quick Fix Plus GHS 1.50 1 Day 100 MB 50 MB - WhatsApp - X-Social GHS 2.49 3 Days 200 MB 50 MB - WhatsApp & Facebook - X-Social Plus GHS 3.49 3 Days 300 MB 100 MB - WhatsApp & Facebook - X-Weekly GHS 5.99 7 Days 500 MB 150 MB - WhatsApp, Facebook & Twitter 3 Times a Week X-Weekly Plus GHS 7.50 7 Days 650 MB 250 MB - WhatsApp, Facebook & Twitter 3 Times a Week X-Monthly GHS 11.99 30 Days 1.20 GB 500 MB - WhatsApp, Facebook & Twitter 3 Times a Month X-Monthly Plus GHS 15.99 30 Days 2.00 GB 700 MB - WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram 3 Times a Month X-treme Monthly GHS 24.99 30 Days 3.00 GB 1.50 GB - WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram 3 Times a Month X-treme Monthly Plus GHS 35.00 30 Days 4.00 GB 2.50 GB - WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Snapchat 3 Times a Month
Vodafone X Plans Table

Explanation of the Table Items

  • Vodafone X Plans – These are the names of the plans
  • Price – The cost of each plan
  • Duration – The period (in days) for which a plan is active
  • Browsing Data – The amount of data that can be used to browse any site on the internet. When the “Free Apps Data” has been fully consumed, apps in that category will use data from the “Browsing Data”
  • Free Apps Data – This refers to data that can only be used by the apps mentioned as per the plan.
  • Cap on Subscription – The number of times you can subscribe to the particular plan within a specified period. However, there is a total of 4 times for any mix of the monthly bundles within a month.
Vodafone X TV Commercial
A snapshot from the Vodafone X TV Commercial

Which Bundle is right for me?

This is a very tough question and for most people, it is difficult to answer. I would recommend that you start with the “smaller” bundles and see how long it takes you to exhaust them. A good way to start is with the X-Monthly plan which gives you 1.2 GB of Browsing Data and 500 MB for WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter for roughly GHS 12.

With this plan, it is easier to assess what your needs are. If you are able to exhaust the X-Monthly in just 2 weeks, you should definitely move to a higher plan. On the other hand, if the X-Monthly bundle is exhausted after in or after the third week, then with a little tweaking of your browsing habits, it should be the perfect plan for you.

One mistake a lot of Vodafone X users (those on monthly bundle plans) make is that they think they have “a lot of free data” and hurriedly consume more than 50 percent of their data limits in the first week of subscription.

As a Vodafone X user, you should always watch your browsing limits and abstain from downloading unnecessary content just because you have “a lot of data”. Remember, photos and videos consume bundle the most so you should be mindful of apps like Snapchat and Instagram.

We wrote an article on how to use less data on your mobile. You can read that here: How to Stop Snapchat and Instagram from Using all your mobile Data.

How to Subscribe to Vodafone X

Subscribing to Vodafone X is fast and easy although some people do face problems sometimes. You can subscribe by dialling 5888 or *5888# and following the prompt. For a complete Guide on How to Subscribe, click here: How to Subscribe to Vodafone X

What happens when my duration is up, yet I still have a bundle?

Although this does not happen frequently, a lot of users, at the end of their duration may still have some bundle left. Sadly, Vodafone X does not support “data roll-over”. This means that all your remaining data will be lost once you renew your plan or activate a new plan.

The Bottom Line

There are a lot of data plans from the various network operators but quite a lot of people seem to be interested in Vodafone X. This may be due to the “difficult to resist” offers or a good marketing strategy or a combination of both. However the case, Vodafone X does not look to be going away soon and will continue to remain the favorite of a lot more people.

Do you use Vodafone X? What Package are you on? Any Experience to share? Hit the comment section below.


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