Wave Money Transfer: Send Mobile Money To Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya

Money transfer from the USA, UK, Canada and other European countries to Africa can sometimes be hectic and time-wasting, especially with the, increase in cybercrime and the introduction of measures to counter money laundering in the system.

A lot of people abroad find it difficult to send money to their relatives and loved ones in Africa. Some also tried in the past and have had bad experiences with some of the companies.

MoneyGram used to be the best but these days because of the bad experience and other limitations from this company, a lot of people are looking for other alternatives for sending money from abroad to Africa.

If you have your relative abroad and want he or she to send you cash without going through all the difficulties then this post is for you.

This pot is going to introduce you to a company that offers the best service when it comes to sending money from abroad to Africa. This company we are going to talk about in this article is wave money transfer.

Wave is a company that centres in sending money to African countries like Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania and Uganda using a mobile app. Wave was founded in the year 2014 by a team of young engineers who love and live in Africa.

During this period, the platform has grown to become a fully functional money transfer service with much improvement in security. This makes Wave the world’s leading remitters to East and West Africa today.

Wave so far has the best cost-effective service as compared to other companies in this filed. According to wave, they don’t charge any transaction fees and that all their transactions are encrypted so your personal information is always secure.

Unlike other companies which charge transaction fees, wave makes their “profit” on the exchange rate.

Features of the App

  1. Instant, NO FEE transfers from your debit card to mobile money accounts in Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda, & Kenya
  2. Send money easily and quickly as a text message
  3. 24/7 Personal support to all customers
  4. Real-time updates on the status of your transfer so you always know where your money is

How To Get Started With Wave App

Wave uses the mobile app technology which can be downloaded from Google Play for Android and the App Store for iOS.

Once the wave app is installed on your mobile device, you need to register by following some simple process which includes registering your debit card.

After a successful registration on the app, you can instantly send money directly from your mobile in the US, UK or Canadian to Ghana, Kenya, Uganda or Tanzania with completely no transfer fees.

How To Send Money to Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya With Wave App

To send money using this app, first, open the app from your phone menu and then enter your recipient details (Name and Phone)

Now choose how much money you want to transfer and press ‘Send.’

Once everything goes well, your recipient in Africa will receive the money on their mobile instantly!

Now, this recipient can go to any mobile money venture and cash out the money sent. This is mostly possible in Ghana and Kenya. But with some countries like Nigeria, the receiver of the money can also cash it out at the bank and the cashing out process should also be fast and instant.

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