Waya Money – Solving cross-border payments across Africa

For as long as I can remember, sending money or making payment from one African country to another was a very difficult task; even when you used international banks across Africa.

A simple task of making payment from Ghana to a country like Togo was quite difficult and frankly so expensive. If you owed a person 500 Ghana cedis in Togo, it was cheaper and faster to physically take a bus across the border to deliver the money in person than sending 500 Ghana cedis through a bank and paying almost 300 Ghana cedis in transfer charges and waiting for three (3) days for the person to receive the money.

Now this problem that has hampered intercontinental trade and commerce in Africa for years is being solved by one of the newest and most innovative companies emerging in the fintech space called “Waya”.

Waya via their platform “Waya Money” is here to ensure that payments and transfers across Africa are as simple and as instant as local mobile money transfers. 

Waya through its financial technology is providing cross-border and cross-network payment and money transfer solutions for Africans through their interoperability platform that connects with banks, mobile money operators and other digital payments providers.

Currently Waya allows people in Ghana to pay money to people and businesses in Nigeria and Kenya; those in Nigeria can also pay money to people and businesses in Ghana and Kenya; and people in Kenya can pay money directly to those in Ghana and Nigeria. Waya does not have a wallet, instead money is paid directly into a mobile money wallet or a bank account instantly or near real-time. If payment is not made within 30 mins, the money is returned to the sender without a charge or fee. 

A person using Waya can simply transfer 5 Ghana cedis from their “momo wallet” to a bank account in Nigeria to make a payment. That sounds amazing right? 

Download the Waya App

To use Waya; you can download the app on play store by clicking on this link: https://bit.ly/wayapp1or search for “Waya” on Google Play store.

For iOS users and for those who prefer the web app; simply click on this link: https://bit.ly/wayaweb1 to create an account and start making cross-border transfers to Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya.

For Ghanaians: If you are currently a user in Ghana; you get to enjoy free money transfers from your Mobile money account to all networks in Ghana. 

And although Waya is currently available in Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya; they are projected to be available in South Africa, Ivory Coast, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Liberia, Burkina Faso and Sierra Leone soon.

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