Ways Seniors Can Connect With Their Personal History Through Genealogical Research

Getting older is a privilege. Unfortunately, as we age we begin to lose loved ones, our families branch out and move away and retirement begins. Many folks struggle with finding a purpose for their free time.

Genealogy is a hobby that requires very little resources and can be done with a bare minimum of computing knowledge.

Perfect for elders who struggle with the complexities of our modern, digital life. Investigating family histories can help seniors make friends, find solace in the adventures of their ancestors, and mental and health benefits.              

Expanding Social Spheres

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In most western cultures it is difficult to make friendships after young adulthood. College is the ideal time to make friends but not everyone has that privilege.

Of course, adults do make important bonds but as we age we begin to lose loved ones and aging hinders replacing those important ties. Genealogy forces people to reach out to lost loved ones while also discovering new friends.

Nino Redfield, Joseph. ‘People.’ Pixabay.com. Copyright-free.

DNA Tests and Healthy Aging

Since the Human Genome Project finished its crucial work in 2003, the medical and therapeutic possibilities have exploded in both the commercial and medical industries.

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DNA can tell you how your lifestyle is impacting your overall health. DNA tests can screen for diseases like cancer, heart disease, and hereditary conditions.

Genetic tests protect future grandchildren too. Couples are waiting longer and longer to have children which does come with risks to the fetus and the mother.

In addition, diving deep into your ancestry can help you understand how your ancestral path has led you to where you are now.

There is a problem with these incredible developments created by studying the human genome.

Unfortunately, as when commercial manufacturers begin to develop their brand they do not always take the same diligence in building those tests, nor evaluating them.

That is why it is key to find an objective resource where you can compare tests and the labs that evaluate them. DNA Weekly is a reviewer that provides advice about tests and lots of other resources to help understand our genetics.

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Perhaps, the very best benefit of investing time in genealogy is finding family or stories that help seniors connect to their past and review their lives with beautiful details and often provide new relationships between lost family members.

There are not any promises in genealogical research and there are going to be hurdles to overcome for every family sleuth. However, free resources like Family Search run by the Mormon Church provide an overwhelming amount of information about genealogy and have a database that has millions of bits of data about people from all over the world.

Boosts to Mental and Physical Health

Genealogy shapes our health because it empowers us to make changes to our lifestyles that can help positively impact the wellness issues that accompany humans as we age. Ancestral investigations ask our brains to focus, employ higher-quality problem-solving skills, and as a way to strengthen mental facilities.

It is particularly rewarding for seniors to explore their family histories because it reminds them of their roots. Genealogy helps renew the bond they have to their own memories. This process can open up forgotten family lore that can comfort and entertain seniors.

Senior Care Communities often have a genealogy club which can bring residents out of their rooms and bring them together to build a community within their micro-environment at the retirement facility. This type of activity helps strengthen the immune system and gives elders opportunities to make new friends.

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