Ways To Change Fonts On Android Without Root

Fonts are a graphical representations of text that may include a different typeface, point size, weight, color, or design. I graphic design, fonts are used to produced wonderful designs.

There are many and different kinds of fonts. Many applications have default fonts and sizes to create documents and designs. Though default but can be changed and tweaked to a user’s liking.

Reasons Fonts Are Used

Fonts are used to add style to a web page, document, or graphical designs. Simply put, they are used to set or match the tone of a text-based on the contents. Not just the appearance only, Fonts affects readability depending on the medium.

As a Graphic design, we take due diligence with the type of fonts we use to provide professional designs that communicate our design to people.

Default fonts and used by popular Applications and Operating Systems.

  • Google Doc – Arial
  • Microsoft Excel – Calibri
  • Microsoft word – Calibri
  • Microsoft Powerpoint – Calibri
  • Notepad – Consolas
  • Wordpad – Calibri
  • Windows OS – Segoe
  • Android – Roboto
  • iPhone IOS – San Francisco

Each font on any application or operating system can be changed or tweaked to a user’s liking.

What Is Root?

Rooting in Android is the process whereby a user gets complete access to everything in the Android Operating System, to edit, change, or modify system files.

Rooting has its own advantages and disadvantage of which we will cover in another article next time.

As said, with root access, you can easily modify and change system files. Fonts can be easily downloaded and installed when using Root access in Android.

This article is not about root, I will show you how you can install fonts using an unrooted android device. Keep following.

Built-In Android Fonts

Many phones have the ability to change fonts right on the phone. There is some selection of fonts to switch between. Original phone brands like HTC, LG, Samsung, and Nokia running Lollipop and above have this inbuilt feature.

The steps below might differ in the different brands mentioned above but most likely synonymous.

Go to settings>Display>Fonts, if your Phone is supported, there will be a few fonts to choose from.


If your phone does not support the in-built font changer, there is no cause for alarm as you have not run out of luck. Android launchers have the ability to switch/change fonts on non-root users.

The only set-back is, the font will only affect the launcher only but not the entire system.

Launchers I have used personally that supports font changing includes:

  • Apex Launcher – includes lists of fonts to choose from
  • Go Launcher – One of the best launchers available.


Without root access, sometimes making changes to some features of our mobile device is restricted. In this article, I have shown you some of the ways you can use to change your fonts.

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