Ways to transfer music from a laptop to a smartphone

Nowadays, many prefer to listen to music on their phones. Undoubtedly, music improves one’s mood by reducing discomfort and anxiety. Also, many people use it as a means of emotional expression.

On your phone, you may listen to music and share it with your friends. You can transfer music from your computer to your Android IOS phone so that you may listen to your favorite music when you are on the road.

It goes without saying that you cannot carry your computer with you wherever you go, but you can easily take your smartphone. These are the primary causes of music syncing across computers and mobile devices. Here are 6 cost-free methods to achieve that.

Using a USB cable, transfer music from a computer to a Mobile device

The USB cord is still an efficient but outdated way to transfer music from a computer to an Android device.

Yes, a USB cord might be useful to quickly transfer music from a computer to an Android device if you are unable to obtain a third-party data transfer program.

Additionally, this transfer technique just takes a few clicks to complete and doesn’t require an internet connection.

  1. Utilize this cable to connect your Android handset to your PC. Next, choose “Transfer files” from the pop-up windows that appear on your computer’s screen (MTP).
  2. To choose the music files you wish to move to your Android phone, use the Windows File Explorer software and go to the ‘Music’ folder.
  3. Finally, just drag and drop the music files from your computer’s storage to the Android device’s “Music Folder.”

Easy and quick music transfer from PC to Mobile Phone with MobileTrans

Make sure Wondershare MobileTrans data transfer software is downloaded and installed on your Windows or Mac computer before moving on to the procedures.

  1. Connect your Android device to your Mac or Windows computer and run the MobileTrans program. Then, after selecting “Phone transfer,” select “Import to phone” from the list of possibilities.
  2. To upload things like music to your Android smartphone from your computer, choose Music from the left-side menu on the new interface and click “Import.”
  3. After selecting the Music file, click Import once again. Your PC will immediately send the music to your Android device. 

As you can see, utilizing the MobileTrans data transfer program to sync music from a PC to an Android device does not require any technical expertise. It is simply only a few clicks!

Without a USB cable, transfer music from a laptop to a phone.

The easiest way to transfer music from a laptop to a phone when you don’t have a USB cord is by utilizing a cloud service or file transfer software.

To successfully transfer files this time around, as opposed to when utilizing a USB cord, your PC will need to be installed with a cloud service or third-party file transfer program.

A. Using Cloud Services like Google Drive or iTunes

Without the use of a USB cable, cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc., make it simple to sync files from a PC to an Android device. Installing Google Drive on your computer and creating or logging into a Google account is all that is needed to complete the task.

To transfer music from a PC to an Android device using Google Drive, follow the instructions below.

1 First, log into your cloud service (Google drive, drop box or iTunes) account online and choose New from the menu that appears in the top-left corner of your PC’s screen. Then click “File Transfer” to upload each of your selected music files directly from the PC. However, you should select “Folder Upload” if you want to upload a group of music files.

2. Next, download the Google Drive program to your computer and login in with your Google account.

3. Select the Music folders and files by clicking the “Choose Folder” button. At the bottom of the screen, press the Next button.

4 Select “Sync my drive to this computer” from the pop-up that displays on your screen, and then click “OK” to continue. All of your Google Drive files will be downloaded to your PC as a result, and your computer’s music files and folders will be transferred to Google Drive.

5. Open Google Drive on your Android smartphone and sign into your account to browse the uploaded music files and save them to your library when your music files and folders have been successfully uploaded.

B.  Using the AirDroid File Transfer App

To download music from a PC to any mobile device without a wire, you may alternatively utilize file transfer programs like AirDroid or a cloud service.

1. If you are on an Android device, download and install AirDroid. then register for an account to continue. (skip if you are using  IOS)

2. Next, download the AirDroid app to your PC, set it up, and sign into your account.

3. The program will automatically identify your Android device after you log in to your AirDroid account.

4. Select your Device from the left side of the screen after clicking the “File transfer” button.

5. To upload the music files from your computer, drag and drop them there or click the “Send file” option in the bottom left corner of the screen.

6. Finally, press the “Send” button to quickly send music from your computer to your Android device.

With the help of the device management program AirDroid, users may easily manage files on their Android mobile device from their PC. You can manage your contacts, emails, files, Whatsapp messages, SMS, and more with AirDroid.

How can I move music from my Mac to my Android? via the use of Android file transfer

1: On your Mac computer, download and install the Android file transfer program.

2: Start the Finder app’s Android file transfer and attach your Android handset to the Mac computer using its USB cord.

3: To finish the process, drag and drop the music files you wish to transfer to your Android smartphone.


Any device will function flawlessly with the PC-to-Android music transfer method described on this page. Whether you want to transfer music from your PC to a Samsung, Huawei, Techno, etc. phone is irrelevant. You can use AirDroid, a USB cord, the MobileTrans data program, or cloud service transfers to do the transfer.

Everything is up to you to decide. However, as it is more efficient and enables the quicker transmission of large audio files with only a few clicks, we strongly advise utilizing the MobileTrans data transfer application.

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