Ghanaian Web Developer proposes to girlfriend by designing a Website

Proposed via a Website, and now there is going to be a wedding.

Love, a great feeling and a state of mind. Some people say the only one happiness in this life is to love and be loved by the right people.

Last year, I witnessed one great expression of love (from a tech perspective). It was a proposal in VR. To me, it’s just about one of those nice things that could ever happen.

So when I came by this thread on one WhatsApp group that I was in, well, I wasn’t very surprised but again, I thought It was interesting and nice.

To propose to someone via what you do – in this case, web development.

So yeah, his name is Alfred R. Bennett, but we call him Alfie Reigns inside the WhatsApp group we both belong to. And what did he do? He set up a whole website to propose to who he describes as the love of his life.

You can check out the site here:

Apparently, Alfie designed this full fluid website, to propose to his girlfriend, and just that. Well, love does have a lot of impact on people, so much that someone buys a domain, designs a site, installs SSL on it, and hosts it just to propose.

Alfie, I would describe as a tech enthusiast, much like me and it has been interesting to listen to his discussions on Joy FM most Tuesday evenings. I never saw his “love side” and I would say Vanessa is lucky to have someone who dedicates his time to show love in this way.

So yes, I checked out the site. It’s worth noting that the site design is beautiful and responsive. The content of the Website is mainly photos and love notes.

There is also a section where there is a representation of their “Love Timelines” and some statistics. Seriously, I don’t know how those numbers came about, but it does seem like they spend a lot of time together.

I also checked out the codes on the site (disappointed it wasn’t on WordPress, I’m a bit of a WordPress evangelist but maybe he wanted to do “everything”). The site is mainly HTML5 and jQuery with fonts from the Google API.

Well done Alfred. More Vim and More Enjoyment with your queen.

Oh, did I mention that Nessa accepted and the countdown on the website represents how long till their wedding date? Well, there you go. Congrats Alfie & Nessa.

Alfred has been a friend for a while now. He’s into Cyber Security, Web Development and General IT support. You can reach him on 0547614915.

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