3 Free Websites to help search for Accommodation in Ghana

It has always been a daunting task to secure your preferred accommodation whenever you find yourself in a new city.

Most times, we simply need to move because of new job offers or even because we are actively seeking employment.

For a long time, the traditional way of seeking new accommodation was to go round, asking people in your preferred neighbourhood if they knew any available homes.

Another option was to rely on Housing Agents who usually charged high and exorbitant agent fees for accommodation that may or may not be exactly how these agents have described it.

In fact, a lot of agents have done more harm than good, and it is a common saying to hear people clearly stating they do not want to deal with “agents”.

Like I have always said, it’s the 21st century and websites and mobile apps are running things. Last time, we looked at some mobile apps for Job Seekers and we have had a lot of positive reviews from all of you.

Today, we look at 2 websites (technically 3) where you can freely search for accommodation mainly to rent in Ghana. Some of these websites have listings for buying, leasing and selling of other properties as well.


I first heard of MeQasa in 2017, when I had just moved back to Accra. A friend in a WhatsApp group had just recommended it to another friend. I was truly impressed by the features of the website.

Currently, MeQasa has improved so much that it attracts the best of home buyers and accommodation (short stay and long stay) in Ghana.

The Meqasa interface is well designed and has options for one to choose the number of bedrooms, baths, the minimum and maximum amount as well as the duration of stay. What I like about MeQasa is that it provides an option for people who would want to do a short stay.

Tonaton and OLX

Sometimes, I wish I do not have to write about Tonaton and OLX anymore. Anyway, the two classified sites are a good way to start your accommodation search.

Tonaton and OLX have leveraged on their popularity to provide listings for accommodation to individuals who may need it. The truth is, searching for accommodation on these two is easy and usually yields very fruitful results.

You will need to search for keywords like “House” or “room” and choose your preferred location. You will be presented with results which are often relevant.

However, beware! The Accommodation Agents have taken their crafts to Tonaton and OLX too so when you call, be sure you are not dealing with an agent unless of course, you want to deal with one. They are not “that bad” after all.


This is a new online portal mainly for renting and was launched in late February 2020.

The platform provides Ghanaians with the opportunity to surf through hostels, apartments and houses and choose which ones to rent. Agents are able to directly post on the platform via their account.

As a new startup, you may want to try Renthauz as they seem to give more up close customer relationship. They also offer tips and advice on renting in Ghana.


Do you know of any other online resources that can help one search for accommodation in Ghana?

Have you used any of the websites listed in this post?

Let us know in the comment section below.


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