Websites Like Pinterest That You Can Use To Explore Photos

Pinterest is a visual bookmarking site that deals with photos. With its visual representation, the website is used by many to showcase their business to reach more consumers.

Pinterest is user-friendly and has a simple design, you can browse the images you like, following categories that you prefer, and bookmark the photos that you like into an organized folder.

Just like any other social media, Pinterest is as addictive as Facebook. You will just browse a few pictures but before you realize, you will spend about three hours there.

There are many websites that offer the same services like Pinterest. In this article, we are going to look at Pinterest alternatives that we can use to explore photos. Keep on following.


Mamby is a social platform that rewards its users. Mamby has everything that Pinterest offers but has an advanced algorithm that shows you content based on your interests.

With just a few minutes of browsing, the intelligent algorithm of the website will learn your habits and wants and will start to display images and videos accordingly.

If you post your own videos and images on the website, you will be rewarded with cryptocurrency. This is the only social platform that rewards its users by paying them in bitcoins for the number of likes and views their posts have.


Just like Pinterest, this is solely dedicated to Food. Just as its name is, you gawk at food here. This is a social site, dedicated to sharing and viewing pictures of food. You can get great ideas of recipes and can even share your own dishes for others to see.

Before your post is accepted, editors of the site need to review and approve it. This is done to ensure that all images posted there are food-related.

We Heart It

This is another Pinterest alternative. It is mostly described as the teen version of Pinterest because of the demographics of users who frequent the site. It mainly consists of young, teens and college girls.

The site has gained a lot of popularity over time due to the target audience it attracts. Compared to Pinterest, this site lacks the pin option, and the like is substituted for the love button. This allows you to express your feelings for a particular photo.

The Heart Button which is an additional feature of the site can be installed, which will allow you to submit images that you find online to your feed.

Design Inspiration

This is a Pinterest alternative for Designers. As the name suggests, Design Inspiration is a website where designers go to find inspiration for their projects. You can also share your creativity on this website.

It offers dynamic search capabilities and also allows you to save all your favorite items to your collections so you can return later and use it for your own work.

If you are a designer, then you can check this website for your design ideas.


In this article, we focused on some of the alternatives of Pinterest you can visit to explore more photos. If you are the photography type or a designer, these resources will be of great benefit to you.

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