The Best Websites To Learn Ethical Hacking From

With the increasing need of cyber-security experts by all industries operating online in our tech world now in this age of constant threats and security breaches by hackers, having even the most basic knowledge in cyber-security is more important than ever.

With constant threats and security breaches perpetrated by hackers, the internet is half-filled with bad guys waiting and ready to attack businesses and even you.

Having basic or advanced knowledge in cyber-security, you can easily increase the security and privacy of your life as well as others. With basic knowledge, you will know the complexity and specifics behind an attack and how these bad guys work.

There is an increasing need for Information Security professionals and having a basic or advanced knowledge will land you a career in a company.

Learning Cyber-Security is becoming a necessity in recent times just to browse the internet today. The good news is, there are many ways to learn.

If you are looking forward to securing yourself, learn hacking or grab yourself a job in the Cyber-Security space, then this post provides us with the best websites to learn ethical hacking or programming from.


Cybrary offers a wide range of courses and classes regarding everything about Cyber Security from basic networking to advanced penetration testing.

The websites is filled with dozens of in-depth courses taught by professionals in the industry. They offer certification classes that award certificate in a certain field after successful completion of the course study.

Some popular courses offered at Cybrary,

  • Ethical Hacking
  • Penetration testing
  • Cryptography
  • Forensics
  • Social Engineering
  • Post Exploitation
  • Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering
  • Dozens Of Certification courses.

Both advanced professionals and newbies can add up to their skills with the vast courses offered freely on cybrary.

Security Tube

Fellow security researcher and a trusted professional in the security industry Vivek Ramachandran created Security Tube in 2008. As the name sounds, Security Tube is the Youtube for Ethical Hacking and Information Security.

The website offers everything from basic penetration testing in a variety of fields to full Ethical hacking tools. Security Tube is packed with full security courses.

Most of the courses offered are taught by Vivek himself and other 100 several security researchers. After providing free security courses for more than 7 years, Vivek started to offer additional in-depth security classes at his premium site, Pentester Academy.

All courses on SecurityTube are free for lifetime access.


Most people believe you need to be accepted in most prestigious colleges before you can enrol in their classes. That is totally wrong. Edx comes packed with a large catalogue of free college-level courses you can enrol in.

Edx compiles college-level courses from top institutions and makes them publicly available online for free. If you want to be certified in the college courses you enrol on Edx, you can enrol in their $100 – $200+ range on Edx.

Being certified on completion will show employers you are properly certified and you have taken the college-level course and have successfully completed.

One popular college course on Edx is the Introduction To Computer Science. This course is packed with several hours of content, lab activities and fun exercises.

SANS Cyber Aces

The Sans Institute is a company that specializes in Cybersecurity training and Information Security. The SANS Institute is one of the best Information Security Training in the world, offering dozens of high-priced classes every year.

The SANS Cyber Aces is a free Information Security initiative developed by the SANS Institute that offers high-value classes.

Not everybody can afford $4000 for a four-day cyber-security course hence launching the SANS Cyber Aces.

These are few but the best online sites to learn Ethical hacking as a beginner or professional.


With the high demand of Cyber-Security Experts, it’s not too late to start learning Cyber-Security in 2020. With the free resources provided in this post, you are more than ready to begin your journey on Internet Security.

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