What are Betting Affiliate Programs in Ghana: The Guide

Did you think that the best affiliate programs are just bookmakers that pay for registrations of attracted users? No, there are different types of offers, each with its own characteristics. One of the best options is offered by PariPesa.

Legal bookmakers with permission to accept bets. These companies, such as PariPesa, have received licenses and operate in compliance with the law. https://paripesapartners.com/ They can be promoted on sites with high traffic, through bloggers, and partially in advertising networks.

There is a nuance. If a bookmaker officially operates in the United States and is registered there, it must still comply with Ghana law’s requirements. Only bookmakers registered in our country and received a license here operate legally.

Among the allowed types of traffic, you can usually see:

  • Websites: various blogs, portals;
  • Push traffic: traffic from Push advertising networks;
  • Traffic from social networks, advertising in Telegram channels (not to be confused with capper channels);

Each affiliate program and offer (bookmaker) has its own permitted and prohibited traffic sources. You will check this information directly with the manager or see it on the offer card on the PP website.

  • Sites that provide forecasts. These are not bookmakers in the classical sense but also among the top betting partners. Cappers analyze upcoming sporting events and make forecasts. Users can buy a forecast for the outcome of a specific match or a subscription for a certain period to receive estimates for all significant events in the world of sports.
  • Aggregators of bookmakers. A rare scheme in betting affiliates is when traffic can be attracted not to a specific company but to a site with a bookmaker rating. Such portals are connected to the offers of all promoted affiliate programs and will receive payment regardless of which link the user registers through.

Types of payment when working with affiliate programs: top betting schemes

Several payment models betting affiliates can use. These are CPA, CPL, Revshare, percentage of deposit, and hybrid.


It’s a classic model. In this case, the advertiser pays for the targeted action. In the case of bookmakers, this is registration and the first deposit. This is beneficial for advertisers because this way, they pay only active players – those who are sure to make at least one bet.

The payment amount is usually fixed: $5 per deposit. For some offers, bookmakers offer floating rates, which depend on the player’s qualifications – depending on how much money he deposits. The higher the qualification, the more you can earn as a CPA.


A rare payment model for offers is when the bookmaker pays for registration on the site. This is unprofitable for the advertiser for two reasons:

  • a registered player does not bring any profit – it is far from a fact that he will ever make a deposit;
  • generating leads with the CPL model is easy – the affiliate can use motivated traffic.

For these two reasons, CPL rates are much lower than CPA rates.


Revshare is a controversial model, which can also be found in the best betting offers. This is when the bookmaker shares with you the net profit from the attracted player as long as he places bets.

Please note: the bookmaker transfers a percentage not of the deposit but of the net profit. This means that you will only receive money in cases where the client loses.

The revshare bet on average does not exceed 40-50% of the bookmaker’s net profit. Some are ready to give 60%; however, they are infrequent. It is also rare to find those who are prepared to work according to this payment model – there are several reasons for this:

  • revshare gives a delayed effect – the attracted user can place a bet after three months or even after a couple of years;
  • you won’t be able to predict the amount of income because you don’t know how much and when they will bet and how much they will lose;
  • the conversion from registered user to active player is extremely low;
  • If you are unlucky, you can go into the red and attract players who will correctly guess the match’s outcome.

That is why, most often, revshare attracts only free traffic – for example, they use their top bookmakers on information sites.

Percentage of deposit

Among the top betting partners, some work according to this scheme. This is when the bookmaker shares part of the money received from the user. This payment model does not have the disadvantages of revshare: you don’t care whether the attracted lead loses or wins. At the same time, the percentage of the deposit is beneficial to both the arbitrator and the advertiser:

  • an arbitrageur can work with hot traffic and attract an audience that is already ready to place a bet;
  • the advertiser pays only those guaranteed to make some bet.

At the same time, the model is used exceptionally rarely – it is even less popular than the revshare.

The percentage itself depends on the betting affiliate. Usually, bookmakers are ready to give away 10-30% of the deposit. This is less than with revshare because the bookmaker may remain in the red with this payment model if the user wins.


The hybrid payment model combines two other models:

  • CPA – first, the bookmaker pays money for depositing at a fixed rate;
  • Revshare continues to share the net profit from the user with the affiliate.

For an arbitrageur, the undoubted advantage is that you can increase your turnover, and your earnings are more or less predictable: you can calculate how much money you will get if you bring 100 active players to replenish the account.

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