What are the biggest phone releases to come in 2022?

Admittedly, every year seems like it is going to be the best one when thinking about the launch of technological devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers. However, that is only for good reason!

Indeed, given how technology continues to evolve and get better on what feels like a daily basis, it is only natural for enthusiasts to get excited about the newest releases that organizations around the world continue to make.

Of course, smartphones are among some of those that are the most anticipated, as they have become devices that we are seemingly simply unable to live without. We can be on them all the time for a variety of reasons. It could be for entertainment purposes such as playing our favorite Casumo slot or watching the latest movies and TV series, or we could be on our phones to actually communicate with family, friends, and connections we may have on social media platforms.

With this in mind, though, it has become extremely important for people to be able to get the right phone for them, as these devices continue to play a significant role in our lives. Therefore, with a bunch of releases coming up, it is perhaps wise to look at what the potential best releases of 2022 will be!

Let’s look at which of those scheduled to be released in 2022 are the biggest and those that are worth getting excited about!

iPhone 14

Naturally, it would be very difficult to start anywhere other than with the iPhone 14. While we have seen the budget iPhone SE (2022) recently launched in March, fans of the Apple devices will unlikely have to wait too long to get their hands on the next powerful model.

The brand typically launches a new one every single year with it seemingly better than the previous one in some considerable way, which is perhaps why they are amongst the most anticipated each year.

However, it has been rumored that the next model will look nothing like previous models to have been launched, thus adding further excitement regarding the gadgets, as well as the improvements that are rumored to be possible. There will be a lot of speculation, but there will be a lot of hype, too!

Google Pixel 7

The Google Pixel 7 is not thought to be coming out any time soon, although there is no doubt that there is plenty of excitement regarding the device already! The Google Pixel series has certainly managed to relaunch itself following the 6th edition, and it has since managed to acquire many fans.

It is not believed that there will be an abundance of changes to the device, but it should still be an upgrade on the previous version, which is exciting enough.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

Let’s be honest, you cannot complete a list of the best mobile phones at the moment without including one of the upcoming releases from Samsung nowadays.

Indeed, the company’s Galaxy Z Fold 4 device looks incredible and is one that will likely continue to change the way that we use our smartphones. Whilst details about the phone are still a little light on the ground regarding what we can expect, there is an element of guarantee that regardless of what is provided, we know that we will be getting a top release when it does land!


These are just three of the biggest phone releases to come in 2022, however they could be argued to be the biggest. Enthusiasts will already be looking forward to when these gadgets hit the shelves, and if previous models are anything to go by, it would be hard not to get excited regarding these ones!

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