What benefits can promoted page on TikTok bring to your business?

If you have already registered and developed several social media pages (on Instagram, Facebook, maybe on Youtube or LinkedIn) and now you are in search for a bigger audience and new people and clients, it would be quite smart to put your eye on TikTok. Yes, it was a specialized chinese net earlier in the time, but today this is a huge platform that offers people from all around the world lots of new opportunities daily. And despite the regular belief, not only bloggers and people with hobbies come here: this platform can give a lot to businesses, companies and brands as well. 

The thing is that you can either collaborate with bigger pages to make money yourself, or look for people who will tell their audiences about your products and help you sell them. Both ways are great, but today we will be reviewing the first one: as if you are an owner of a small or single person brand and you need to monetize your page here, find new audience and be able to collaborate with bigger companies. How do you do that? 

We would recommend you to start with analyzing the audience first. It can be done in two different ways: first one is going to your competitors pages and looking through the list of their subs (you can also subscribe to people who seem active on this platform – if they are interested in your competitors content, they might get interested in what you are posting as well and subscribe back). Or you can look through recent trends on TikTok and see which ones of them are appreciated by people who could be your potential viewers. After you find out, shoot several of them and upload them to your page. This is a great way to start off on TikTok and to gain the first several dozen subs. 

Surely, this method won’t give you an opportunity to gather thousands of subscribers; sadly enough, for that you have to turn to help from specialists, and today we will tell you about a method that will not take too much of your money and time. Surely, you can always hire an SMM manager, but for many people such service surely cannot be called “on a budget”. When you are just starting out and have to manage your business in real life, you probably don’t have lots of money that you can spend on whatever and whenever. This is why a chance to buy followers on TikTok can really come in handy and save your day. 

Real followers (actual people who use this platform daily) who are keen on cooperating with a promotional company can change your profile’s statistics and also give you additional bonuses – views, likes, etc. Fake subs that some scam companies are delivering to their clients cannot do the same, and can also damage your page by lowering the statistics. How is that working? Let’s say, you have 1000 subs. 500 of them are bought and fake, therefore – inactive. 500 of them are real, and only 250 of them are watching your TikToks and leaving you feedback. In the eyes of the algorithms, it looks like only one quarter of your subs is watching your stuff. This is bad – your videos will not be showing as recommended to other people anymore. But if you would have 500 of real subs and 250 of them would watch your videos, it would be great – half of active followers is nice and your clips will definitely get in people’s recommendations. Simple math! 

So if you have made a decision to purchase some paid services, make sure that you are doing things right and buying just enough of decent quality subscribers. Do not strive to take on too many, if your profile right now has nothing in it: make your promotion as natural and as smooth as possible and you will be alright! Good luck with creating yet another successful social media page and don’t hesitate to use some professional help for it. 

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