What Can Cause a Mobile Money Account to Be Dormant?

For your mobile money account to be useful, you need to be able to access the money it contains. However, if you haven’t used the account for a long time, you may find that it has become dormant and inactive. This article will take a look at what can cause this to happen and offer some tips on how to avoid or overcome it if it does happen to you.

What is dormant account

A dormant account is an account that has had no activity for a period of time. The account may be considered dormant if there have been no deposits or withdrawals for a certain period of time, usually 12 months.

In some cases, the account may be charged a fee for being dormant. The account holder may also be contacted by the financial institution to see if they wish to keep the account open.

What can cause a mobile money account to be dormant?

There are a few things that can cause your mobile money account to become dormant. If you haven’t used your account in a while, your account may become inactive.

Additionally, if you move to a new location or change your phone number, your account may also become dormant. Another thing that can cause your account to become dormant is if you stop using the service for an extended period of time.

If any of these things happen, you may need to contact customer service in order to reactivate your account.

What happens to a Mobile Money account when it becomes dormant

If you don’t use your mobile money account for an extended period of time, it may become dormant. This means that the account is still active, but all transactions have been frozen.

In order to reactivate a dormant account, you’ll need to contact your mobile money provider and follow their instructions.

There are a few reasons why your account may have become dormant in the first place. Maybe you switched to a different mobile money provider, or you simply forgot about your account.

Can a dormant MobilMo account receive money?

If you have a mobile money account that has been inactive for some time, you may be wondering if it is still possible to receive money into that account.

The answer is yes, a dormant MoMo account can still receive money. However, there are some things that can cause an account to become dormant in the first place, and these same things can also prevent money from being received or withdrawn into the account.

One of the main reasons for an account becoming dormant is when one of the phone numbers associated with the account becomes out of service. When this happens, there’s no way to send or receive money on that number because the phone company will not accept any incoming or outgoing calls on that line.

It doesn’t matter if someone changes their number or not; as long as one of those numbers has gone out of service then the account will remain dormant until they get it working again.

Another reason why accounts might become inactive is when a customer fails to login within 90 days, unless they were logged-in within two hours before 9:00 pm and their login expires by default after this period elapses.

Can a dormant mobile money account be active again?

If you have a mobile money account that has become dormant, don’t worry! There are ways to reactivate your dormant mobile money account. The most common way is to visit any nearby customer care office, lodge a complain and you will be assisted.

You can call your network customer care by dialing 100 or 111 on all networks, talk to a customer agent and lodge your complains. The agent will assist you and your account will be reactivated for you to be able to do your transactions again.

If you want to make further enquiries online, visit your mobile network providers website to read more.

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