What Does ASL Mean on Omegle and Chat Apps

If you’ve used Omegle or chat apps in the past, you might have noticed that sometimes users type in ASL to their message and you’re wondering what it means. But what does ASL mean on Omegle and other chat apps? Let’s find out!

ASL Meaning

ASL is an acronym that stands for age, sex, and location. This is a common question asked in online chat rooms and forums, and it helps people determine whether or not they are interested in talking to someone.

What is Omegle

Omegle is a social networking website that allows its users to chat to one another without the need to register or start an account.

The site matches users up to one another who remain anonymous to one another throughout the chat. Users can change their user name every time they enter a chat with someone new, but their IP address will always be visible to others.

It is also possible for two people at the same time in different locations to use Omegle at the same time, but only one person will see the other person’s IP address during each simultaneous connection.

What does ASL mean on Omegle

ASL is an acronym that stands for age, sex, location. It’s a common request made by people on Omegle and other chat apps in order to quickly know the gender, age and sex of the person they are having the chat with and to see whether or not they are compatible with the person they are talking to.

When to use ASL in Omegle

ASL in Omegle is properly useused when the two parties are strangers and has started the chat with greetings. Some users may ask for names, but most of the users will be using Omegle to be anonymous. However, sharing age, sex, and location is fine to share for some. A few of the users will just answer the age and sex, but not the location.

Why you must use ASL in Omegle

The question ASL? means what is your age, sex, and location. The response to that question should show the same information in reply. It’s recommended that you not give out personal information such as address or phone number unless you know the person very well because it can be used against you by people looking for revenge.

What other abbreviations are used on Omegle

ASL is just not the only word commonly used in Omegle. There are others that also sounds interesting and also makes chatting more fun and simple.

  • BRB – Be Right Back
  • LOL – Laughing Out Loud
  • NVM – Nevermind
  • YOLO – You Only Live Once
  • ROFL – Rolling On the Floor Laughing
  • SMH – Shaking My Head
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