What does /pos mean on Twitter + meaning of other popular twitter slangs

As Twitter continues to grow in popularity, it’s become commonplace to see tweets with the /pos (shortened form of possessive) at the end of user handles and hashtags on many popular accounts. But what does /pos mean on twitter?

This helpful list can explain all of the popular twitter slangs and acronyms you may encounter on your twitter feed, including what they mean and when to use them appropriately.

About twitter

Twitter is a social media site that allows people to post and read short messages called Tweets. Twitter was originally used as a means to keep in touch with friends and family, but soon evolved into a way for people to stay up-to-date with the latest news, events, and what is happening in their lives.

What are twitter slangs

Twitter slang is a way of speaking on twitter that differs from the traditional English language. It’s often used as a shortcut when typing, or just to be silly with friends. Slangs are not always used in every sentence, but instead are sprinkled in to add humor or emphasis.

What does /pos mean on twitter

In most plattorms, /pos do not stand for “piece of sh*t”, but rather, it means “positve”. There are many platforms that says otherwise and any platform that says “piece of shit” is talking about “POS.” /pos stands for “positive”. It is placed at the end of tweets, messages, and posts as a tone indicator. This is being used more often in tweets to add context. 

Is adding /pos necessary to twitter posts?

Adding /pos to post or chats on twitter makes it more easier for communication to be well understood. It is a direct letter whic majority understand so when you add the slangs, they strictly knows this is what you are doing or going to do.

Below are other popular twitter slangs mostly used and their meanings.

Twitter slangMeaning
/pospositive connotation
/negnegative connotation
/l or /lylyrics
/nmnot mad or upset
/cbclick bait


Twitter is a great place to get your voice heard and share your thoughts with the world. Unfortunately, it can also be a breeding ground for bullies and trolls so use it well and positively. Enjoy using your slangs and contruct your text well.

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