What happened to WhatsAd – the app for making money from Status

WhatsAd is a platform for social media advertising that supports both private and commercial product promotion.

Marketers may use it as a platform to broadcast advertisements on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp status. You can download the app from Google Play Store and Apple Store.

What can I do with WhatsAd

  1. Use the WhatsApp Status feature to promote your goods and services.
  2. Earn cash by posting advertisements on your WhatsApp status.

How does whatsAd work?

To know how WhatsAd works, you first have to,

  1. Visit playstore or AppStore and install the app
  2. You then create an account.
  3. After that, you can now sign into your dashboard and start with its guide.
  4. To create an ad to advertise your goods or services, touch the + sign. To create an Ad, you must have $2 or more.
  5. Join any ad on the homepage if you want to earn money with WhatsAd.
  6. Before sharing, review the guidelines for each advertisement. With each shared advertisement, you gain points.

What happened to WhatsAd

WhatsAd has not raised any funding rounds yet. From the source, whatsAd was not funded by any organization or firm and so they were out of money. Also since it was a mod app a lot of its users gave it a low review of Trustpilot.

When will WhatsAd be fixed?

As to when WhatsAd, will be fixed, much knowledge cannot be shared on that but if it truly gets fixed, that will be great for business advertising on the multimillion WhatsApp app.

WhatsAd alternatives

WhatsAd was an affiliate type of system where you gain commission whenever your ad redirects a user to purchase a product. These alternatives do the same thing and even more.

  1. Fast Ad
  2. Quick Recipt
  3. Digistor24
  4. Floox
  5. 24Task
  6. Indeed Flex


WhatsAd helped a lot to make some decent money but it wasn’t for ong. It crushed down the moment it was reported. We hope this post helps.

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